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Updated : 2022.09.03

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Mod Apk is a casual game where you will become a pizza chef and rule your restaurant. You will make the whole world forget the taste of the delicious pizzas at the Antico Forno Roscioli restaurant in Italy and attract the attention of all customers to your kitchen. You will make delicious pizzas, mix different ingredients, and become the favorite place of all customers.

In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, your main goal is to make delicious pizzas, prepare the orders correctly and grow your restaurant. You will prepare detailed customer orders, and some of them will be extremely picky, keep income and expenses and even pay rent. You will upgrade your kitchen equipment, buy new ingredients, change your restaurant's design, and become a master pizza chef.

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Make Delicious Pizzas

If you're super excited to cook your first pizza, we can get started. But before we start, I must say that your rival, the owner of the Alicante pizza restaurant, is very angry with you. There is a big competition between you, so you have to adapt quickly to the game and make the most delicious pizzas. Customers will choose the best one. In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, it's easier to make delicious pizzas than in real life. It does not mean that there will be no more problems and challenges to deal with, of course, but for now, you can focus on your peaceful kitchen. You can start by spreading your dough. And then, you will add a tomato source and cheese. Move to the oven, cook it and cut your delicious pizza! That is all. You will add the ingredients for your pizza respectively and pack it. But before you say it's too easy, let's talk about the challenges a bit.

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Personalities and Orders of Customer

You are mistaken if you think you will have customers who make simple and specific orders. In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you will encounter over 100 customers with their unique personalities. If you didn't go out that day and want to socialize, you might like long conversations with customers, but they often cause headaches in general. You can think that you will make pizza directly and don't listen to them. We have a small problem at that point. Your most important goal in the game is to correctly prepare the customers' orders. Sometimes, you will forget or understand what your customers say during long conversations or drift off into conversation. But don't worry, you can always check the order paper on the top. Of course, sometimes, it can be challenging to understand even what is written on the paper. As you progress in Good Pizza and Great Pizza, your ingredients and the number of customers will increase. To make the desired pizzas early and satisfy customers, you should keep the orders in mind.

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Add New Toppings

In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you will add new toppings options and make many types of pizza. I don't think anyone would say no to a pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. You will unlock many toppings such as onions, sausage, bacon, anchovy, pineapple, corn, jalapeno, etc. After you complete each chapter, you will be able to unlock one of them for free. While you are adding them, there will be a sliced scheme first to practice. You add toppings in twelve outside and six inside. You should not overuse the ingredients and sauces because it will cost you unnecessary costs. Although making pizzas and using different ingredients is fun, you should not forget that you are running a restaurant business. At the end of each day, you will see your total profit. It will include revenue, tips, supplements used, and refunds. You will pay rent and make your restaurant more stylish with your earnings. You have to keep your profits high, keep your restaurant fancy and serve the best service.

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Upgrade Your Restaurant

In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you will see your restaurant in the news and be even more motivated. You will make upgrades to make your customers even happier and serve better. You will be able to buy things that will beautify the design of your restaurant or will be helpful in the kitchen. To give a few examples, you can cook pizzas faster by buying a Speedy Oven. Hire Sauce Buddy, adds source to pizzas. And my favorite one is Hire Cutter which auto cuts the pizza. Besides these kitchen supplies, you can add decorations to your restaurant. You can buy many plants, flowers, a party side table, wall decors, T.V., and game stations. You can change the walls, floor, tables, and open signs. The most exciting one among them is different boxes for your pizzas. There are many colors of boxes with different prints. By purchasing items, upgrades, or boxes, you can make your restaurant an indispensable food stop and embrace your business more.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Good Pizza, Great Pizza mod apk file. In this way, you can make all the upgrades, buy all the items and enjoy the game freely. You will run your restaurant, compete against your biggest rival, Alicante, and cook the most delicious pizzas. You will prepare challenging orders for customers, become an ultimate chef and grow your success.