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Updated : 2022.09.12

Airline Commander Mod Apk is a flight simulation game where you will become a skillful aviate and manage airplanes. Even though all vehicles on the roads, such as cars, bikes, trucks, etc., are perceptible and are even quickly learned and driven, an airplane we see when we turn our heads to the massive sky makes us feel like an alien. Everyone loves freedom and vastness when on the plane and enjoys the bird's eye view of the land. But have you ever dreamed of aviating it?

It is not easy to fly, manage and take all that responsibility, and maybe that is something you will never be able to experience. But with Airline Commander, you will have the most lifelike experience by flying through the extensive map routes. You will be in total control and feel what it means to be an actual pilot. The game offers you dozens of airlines, main hubs, many destinations, realistic airports, and challenging situations. Do not miss that unique game if you want to spend unbelievable hours.

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I think you are all newbies when you enter the Airline Commander game unless you have real pilots among you. Therefore, you will first learn the game mechanics and how to use your plane. You will get your first license and begin the tutorial. After you activate your plain, it calibrates automatically. You will give maximum power to take off. To go left-right and up-down directions, you will tilt your device. When a radar occurs, you will align the purple symbol with the yellow direction triangle. The controls in the game are precise and realistic. So, your movements must flow and be smooth. You should think about the passengers in your plane, give them a pleasant flight, and control your maneuvers. Especially when you get to the landing part, you should remember your flight memories when the wheels crashed to the ground and you were shaken, and you should minimize this situation on your plane. You will do plenty of practice with the instructions and be a skilled pilot.

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Complete Missions

In Airline Commander, there is a massive map with many country routes. You will sign contracts to do missions and make your flight. Each contract has different goal requirements, such as making a landing or full flight. For each of them, you can select easy or hard flight modes. After completing missions, you will get rewards and flight points. Even if you fail, you can try again and again and improve your aviate skills. Becoming a legendary pilot is not that easy; you have to practice and accomplish many flights. For some missions, your certificate level will not be sufficient. Therefore, you need to take the exam and upgrade your level. Using controls smoothly, making the correct maneuvers and smooth landing, and dealing with hazardous situations need focus, hardworking and practice with patience.

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Challenging Situations

In Airline Commander, it is impossible for everything to be perfect in the air or to complete your every adventure without accident and error. Although the airline is the least accident rate transportation, the inevitable complications will occur if the pilot is not well focused and some mechanical issues happen. Airline Commander is a realistic simulation game where you will fly day and night with weather conditions such as storms and rain. You should make your flight comfortable and calm without frightening your passengers. Sometimes you will have to change your direction, have to land at the airport within the shortest distance, or you will have to do your maneuvres more carefully. There will be dangerous situations that happen for reasons beyond your control. Due to vast mechanical problems, the plane may break down, fail to land, and even explode. You will deal with all these situations and turn them into great successes and sometimes into failures.

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Unlock Unique Airliners

In Airline Commander will be able to buy powerful and different planes. There is information about its passenger capacity, what it is good at, and what makes the plane special. As aircraft models evolve, they are getting larger and more powerful and maintain the capacity in challenging situations. For example, in the model Embraer 140, you carry 44 passengers, but in model Aırbus A310, you take 220 passengers to your plane. The further you progress, the more complex the game will be. Therefore, strong airliners are your best supporters. You will have fun moments in this unique, realistic, and challenging air simulation game, strengthen your skill, and escape an artificial experience thanks to the 3D graphics. It will rain, the terrain will change, it will be night, and you will face all kinds of situations. Although we may not be pilots in real life, I think it will be a credit to the amazing aviate adventures we have had here.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Airline Commander mod apk file, you will have all the features unlocked. In this way, you can buy have all the airplanes and enjoy the game features freely. All the realistic details: aviation mechanics, environment and weather conditions, a vast list of airplanes, and dangerous complications await you to make you spend joyful hours. You will be in full charge, move towards the routes and fly the passengers safely.