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Android 5.0 +
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Updated : 2022.08.13

Days After Mod Apk is a survival simulation game where you will try to survive in a world full of zombies. Although we play many games with zombie content and watch movies, we can't always get the same pleasure and excitement. We want to feel the thrill at the highest levels and our struggle to get out of this hopeless situation to feel realistic. Everything feels real, raw, scary, and devasted in this game.

After a big apocalypse, you were left alone with a few survivors. Your biggest strengths will be belief and courage. You will try to stay alive, collect resources to make weapons, build a base and defend yourself against greedy zombies. There will be blood, wild animals, and zombies everywhere. A challenging surviving game and the brutal world will greet you.

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What awaits you?

You will enter the land of the bloody zombies and forlorn in Days After. Your first thing to do will be to search for tools and resources. You will collect woods, stones, food, etc. But you always have to be watchful because zombies and monsters will come for your blood all the time. You will crash their heads and kill them. Nearby is a village in the south where survivors gather and Sheriff and Armorer. As you progress, your path will cross with them. You will meet and also help them on the roads. In the first area, you start, you will try to finish your shelter by collecting woods and plants. Since you are playing a real survival game, not just a shooting game where you target zombies, you will think about every detail and fill your backpack for every occasion.

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Craft Weapons

In Days After, you will create every item and opportunity yourself. You need deadly weapons for killing monsters and bloodthirsty zombies. The world will become more and more dangerous every minute passes, and resources will run out. So, you have to improve your crafting skills and don't even stop even a moment. You will craft stone axes, sledgehammers, and protective and durable clothes. The durable jacket you made with pelt, cloth, and rope will be rain and fight proof. Gloves will allow you to grab everything. And when you progress, you will even craft a pistol. You will unlock more items in all the levels and improve your armor and durability. After you make the bolt rifle, no one will be able to stay alive in your way.

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Focus on Missions

This game writes a story and what you do or try to accomplish determines the course of the story. The more you try and go forward in Days After, the more successful you will be. You will walk through the map, go to different destinations and make the missions. The Sheriff will give you equipment as you complete orders. Armorer will provide you with real weapons, but only if you give her unique trophies such as the head of a Keruk or wolf blood. To accomplish all the missions to get equipment and stay alive, you will also hunt in the forest. You will shoot and take their skin and meat. And also, you will encounter living creatures and undead. The game will evolve, expand, and get excited every time. Your missions and survival will get challenging step by step.

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Realistic Experience

The story, possibilities, action, and dialogue are realistic and effective in Days After. The characters' scripts adapt you to the world in the game and keep you focused. The dark theme and quality graphics will give an entertaining gaming experience. The authentic environmental sounds will provide you with scariness and thrill. You will see hopelessness everywhere, and trying everyone hold on to life. You will create your equipment, find food, build a shelter, make a fire, and hunt. You will improve your reflexes and shooting skills. The other survivors reach you and make a better force with you. But don't forget that humans are still cautious and selfish. You can't get anything from them if you don't work for them. Bloody zombies and hideous monsters will be your motive the go further and more robust.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Days After mod apk file offers you immortality and max durability in the game. In this way, you can enjoy the game freely without getting killed or infected. You will go to every location on the map, build a base, create weapons and collect supplies. You will encounter fierce enemies and dangerous zombies and try to save the survivors. Action will occur after every minute, and another mission will be on the countdown.