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Updated : 2022.08.16

Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk is an arcade game where you will slingshot the birds to destroy pigs' defenses and pass levels. I guess you must not know Angry Birds and their worldwide fame. The adventure that starts with one game continued with many other game series and movies. Angry Birds fans and players have never been bored or disappointed by the newly added adventures.

You will have a real Angry Birds gaming experience with more competition this time. If you want to challenge yourself, compete with friends, and strive for ranks, this series is what you need. You will make the best shots, destroy the enemy structure, use birds' unique powers, enter tournaments, and take your place on leaderboards. An excellent and irresistible opportunity for more ambitious and goal-seeking players.

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The conflict between the greedy pigs and the Angry Birds continues. Again a bird was kidnapped. The others seek revenge and the opportunity to rescue. So, your main goal is to destroy the piggs tower defense and leave no pigs on them. You will do this by throwing the birds with a slingshot. Birds who are already nervous will stand in line to go. When you look at both the pig's and bird's faces, you will understand that the tension between them is impossible to ease.

In Angry Birds Friends, the parkours will make up of different materials and durability. Piggs will cover, hide inside, and near them. You will complete the levels by crashing and disappearing the pigs. You should throw the Angry Birds at the locations which have caused the most destruction to specific materials with their unique features. You will have a limited bird to throw. If you run out of them and annoying pigs remain, you lose.

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Free the Birds

In Angry Birds Friends, you will start from the ground of a tower where piggs keep the birds, and you will unlock them by going to the top as you pass levels. Your journey will go up more than 100 levels and become increasingly complex. The defense, structure, and pigs' location will be tight and hard to crash. But if you are a legendary Angry Birds player, it is sure that you will accomplish. All the birds have different abilities, such as Red destroying towers from a short distance, Blues divides into three and has excellent power on ice blocks, and Silver has an ingenious effect on stones of the same color as itself. There are many more birds that I didn't mention. You will unlock them, learn their powers and use them for the correct shots.

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Use Power-ups

Power-Ups are a must-use in Angry Birds Friends or any Angry Birds game. They add unique skills and power to the birds. It will help you when you encounter complicated structures, and your birds are not enough to demolish. I can start to mention my favorites with the power potion, which improves the damage. Birdquake creates a quake that destroys almost everything. Wingman is a fancy-looking extra bird that you can throw. Slingscope is helpful for newbies to aim well. These and the others add lots of fun to the game and great power. One more thing that you can do to make better shots is upgrade your slingshot. You can buy a stone crusher, wood chipper, bouncy sling, diamond sling, etc. They have specific features, so use them sensibly. Make the perfect shots, and don't leave a single pig.

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Play with Your Friends

We have come to the part that makes the Angry Birds Friends game special. You can compete with your real friends. You can challenge and compete with them and have a good time even while away. It is a game for all age groups, so even if you have a friend group of different ages, you can play it in common and enjoy experiences. Or, if your only unbearable desire is to have challenged more, you can compete on the leaderboard worldwide and try to be a legend. You will have a stress-free gaming experience with entertaining graphics, grumpy and funny-looking Angry Birds, and many levels. Go to the download section to experience another fun adventure with birds.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Angry Birds Friends mod apk file, you will have unlimited boosters in the game. You can use all the power-ups with this opportunity and never be defeated by pigs. Ready to fly, grumpy and unique Angry Birds await your impressive shots to the revenge. Use the power-ups, unlock birds, aim well and make your best shots to defeat your friends or online players.