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Updated : 2022.07.30

Taxi Sim 2020 Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will experience being a taxi driver and service many clients. You will be one of the taxi drivers who drive around the city all day or night. This time, you are in the driver's seat instead of raising your hand and getting into one. You will drive with many different passengers, take them to designated destinations and try to provide the best service.

In Taxi Sim 2020, quality production with many modes and realistic driving mechanics await you. You can choose many cities and times, see real city life and environment, obey traffic rules and become a taxi driver for VIP passengers. You can choose to be a regular or private taxi driver. Powerful and cool cars will be waiting for you in the garage. You will buy the best ones and become unique in the city with the customizations you make.

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If you are ready for your first mission in Taxi Sim 2020, sit back and get used to the mechanics of the car. You will be able to select control. Choose the one suitable for your gameplay and push the gas. A vast city will lie in front of you, and every corner is an opportunity for a client. With your cool music in the background, start driving through the neighborhood and find a client. When you find it, enter the pickup area and wait for the client to arrive. You will follow the minimap, go-to destination point, and enter the drop-off area. You can change the camera view and look at car gauges. You will encounter many passengers with different statuses and guidelines. Some passengers will be more sensitive and careful, while others will be more relaxed. Know your customer and provide the best service.

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Many Different Modes

In Taxi Sim 2020, you can experience many adrenaline-filled and fun modes. Modes are career multiplayer, free ride, and challenges. In the career mode, your entire focus will be on serving customers well and completing tasks. You can enter free ride mode if you want to roam freely in the city and enjoy driving under the city lights and going through endless roads. But you can choose the multiplayer mode if you are a real challenger and want to compete with others. You can create rooms or join ones. Apart from the main modes, you can also choose to be a private taxi driver or a regular taxi driver. You can serve VIP customers and complete missions as an exclusive driver.

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Unlock Many Vehicles

Taxi Sim 2020 has created a garage that will not disappoint driving and car enthusiasts. In the garage section, there are multiple taxi cars with different powers. You can buy exclusive or regular vehicles. Some of them look so fancy that you won't believe they are taxis. But having a good car is essential to serve VIPs and private clients. Which client does not want to travel in a luxurious and impressive car? You can attract more attention and stand out compared to the classical taxis. After buying your favorite vehicles, you can customize them. You can change the rims and plate and paint the car. You will pick up passengers, provide the best service, experience different modes and spend hours in the game. Get your car as soon as possible and hit the road. You will turn into the real and the best taxi driver.

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Drive Through Cities

Wİll you be excited if I tell you that you will be a taxi driver in many cities in Taxi Sim 2020? You can choose between many cities before entering the journey. Miami, Rome, New York, and Los Angeles await you. You can go to any of them and also choose a time. At night, you can wander the streets of Miami with the glow of the city lights and enjoy a unique driving experience. You will experience maps with real traffic, rules, people, and city life. You will pick up passengers with different requests, obey traffic rules and even pay a fine if you crash into something. You will enjoy being a taxi driver with quality graphics, real driving mechanics, and many options.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Taxi Sim 2020 mod apk file, you will have unlimited money. In this way, you can buy all the vehicles, make customization, and enjoy the game freely. You will complete many challenges, take passengers, go to the destination points and provide the best service in the city. Many modes, missions, different types of vehicles, and a real taxi driver life await you. Do not miss added cars and challenges weekly and be a part of this amazing production.