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ZOMBIE HUNTER Mod Apk is a shooting game where you will enter an infected world and try to survive. You have played many games with zombie content, watched movies, and read books. And every time, you searched for more realistic, dreadful, and bloody ones. In this game, you will experience the full adrenaline and fight for real survival.

In ZOMBIE HUNTER, you will witness a terrifying story. You will help those who remain good in the story. Your enemies are bloodthirst zombies. You will shoot each of them, test your shooting skills and try to get out of the bloody streets alive. You will unlock many weapons, explosives, drones, etc., and get stronger day by day. By building a military base, you will protect those who are not infected.

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What is the Story?

If you are feeling strong enough to fighting against the zombies who constantly come towards you and want your blood, I begin to tell you the adrenaline-filled story. As the name of the game mentions, you will be a zombie hunter and aim to kill them all. But this time you will be responsible for the reason of your battle. Your exploitation of the Earth, your pollution of the air, and the damage you have done to nature every day have killed the entire planet. You are now alone as all of humanity and have an ever-spreading virus to deal with. No medicine works. But the liars said they found a vaccine that heals. Here again, the epidemic turned into a bigger disaster because of humanity. The vaccion users turned into a zombies. Your only chance to survive and not be infected is yourself. You will fight, resist, shoot and become a survivor who shows no mercy.

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After Apocalypse, everything is dead silent. Steve Bruce will be your character in the game. Scarlet Akasha is another survivor that will resist together. You will shoot zombies one by one and clear the roads. The gameplay mechanics are simple but still realistic. The important thing is to aim well and be diligent at all times. Your character moves automatically, so your focus can be totally on your shots. You will tap and drag to the screen for aiming. You will shoot with a fire button and zoom with the other button.

Although zombies usually come in front of you slowly as a group or one by one, they can sometimes appear very quickly and run towards you. In these cases, you will use a chopper and cut them all at once. You cannot shoot them with weapons from that close range. But even if you are far away, you must be controlled, act carefully, and think about your reload time. I can say that ZOMBIE HUNTER starts much harder and faster than other games. The zombies will be challenging, fast, and deadly even from the first levels. Until you get used to the game, you can use bombs for large enemy groups and get more kills in one shot.

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Develop Your Shelter

While fighting in a world full of zombies, you will be able to change things. An opportunity will come your way. You will be able to repair a shelter and be responsible for it. Here you will build and control everything necessary to live. You will build gas stations, a warehouse for storing fuel, farms, an armory, a food tent, etc., and upgrade them. You will search for materials in the city to strengthen your military base. You will kill the zombies in the city and earn the necessary things. And also, as you complete quests, you earn bonuses and rewards. As you move deeper into the map, you will improve your military base and deal with more formidable bloodthirsty zombie groups. The map will show the direction, fight requirements, and reward. Follow it and win all the battles.

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Unlock New Weapons

ZOMBIE HUNTER has a wide range of weapons categorized as assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, plus other agents. As you level up, you will need more powerful weapons. Therefore, you should equip a better weapon and become more assertive in each mission. You will see the damage, fire rate, clip size, reload time, and critical damage info. The weapons look dusty, old, rusty, and realistically designed. They look like unused guns you took out of storage. In the consumables, you will buy fire grenades, bombs, ax, aid kit, survival guide, etc. You can also buy drones that help you. Lastly, choose the survivor you want to play between the character's options. With her green hair and brutal looks, Yukio is my favorite character. Quality graphics of the ZOMBIE HUNTER, action scenes, detailed story, and fire effects will give you a realistic and adrenaline-filled experience. Their fight to survive will be your story.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the ZOMBIE HUNTER mod apk file, you will have unlimited money in the game. This way, you can buy all the weapons, make upgrades and never be in a hopeless situation with your backup agents. You will enjoy an impressive story and fight for your life. You will get better with your shuts and turn into an ultimate fighter. Not even a single bloodthirsty zombie can come close to you.