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Granny Mod Apk is a survival horror game where you will try to escape from a house that you are locked in. With the urge that something can happen at any moment, you will feel the fear to the fullest and try every way to escape. If you are bored of playing the same type of games all the time and want to experience something different, this game is what you are looking for.

Granny will be walking around the house with a baseball bat. If you ask who is the Granny, it is enough to see her once so as not to forget her fearful face. You will be quiet while she is trying to find you and look for the necessary items to escape from the house. But this will not be as much as you think. You will lose your logic in dark corridors, secret stairs, chaotic rooms and you will only hear the sound of your fast heartbeat.

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What awaits you?

You are locked in a dark, dusty, scary house and have only five days to get out of there. There will be a creepy old lady Granny, who wanders all over the house. You will try to escape from her and don't show yourself. Otherwise, she will catch you. Your only advantage over Granny is that she can't see. But it makes her very sensitive to sound. You should move slowly and make no sound. She will even hear you when you drop objects on the floor or loudly close something. If you make noise by accident, you must hold your breath and be quiet, hiding inside the bed, closet, or dark nooks. You will pass through the rooms by collecting clues and try to escape the house as quickly as possible.

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Find the Keys

The house is vast, made up of lots of stairs, and has even a garage. The outer door of the house is locked, and there is no chance of escape before you can figure out the way. In each room, you will encounter secret compartments and objects hidden behind boxes. You even get to some rooms through secret passages. You have to look to create an exit from the insides of kitchen cabinets to parchment papers. You will progress by collecting items and clues from each room. So, on the one hand, you can think of it as completing a puzzle. You need to find many keys such as padlock keys and padlock cards in the drawers that open some of the main door locks. But escape won't be easy until you collect all the necessary keys and cut the wires. It will be difficult for you to memorize the location of each room in a chaotic and dark house and remember what is where.

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Hide from Granny

The main challenge in the game will be Granny, who never leaves your back. She is holding a baseball bat. If she catches you, she hits you on the head, and you wake up the next day. Your time will be running out because you skipped the day you were in when she hit you. You will lose if you are constantly caught. To distract Granny, you can throw objects away or hide in places you pass by, making a noise. If you can find the weapon key, you can use tranquilizer darts in the closet. It neutralizes her for 2 minutes. And also, to defend yourself, you can collect an ax and hammer. For opening some things, you can use a screwdriver and pliers for cutting. You can get caught in traps on the ground. When this happens, get away immediately without making a sound. But beware, if you jump too high or injure yourself, your day will be over, and you will find yourself in bed again.

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Horrify Dark Theme

Before entering the game, you can change a few options for a more thrilling experience. You can make the house darker, add extra locks and choose nightmare. And also, you can select the difficulty level. If you are crazy, you can choose an extreme level. I have no courage to do that. Granny game has horrifying graphics, impressive effects and spooky sounds. You will even hear the creak of the boards. You will jump when you hear the grumpy Granny's voice saying "Where are you?". If you really want to be scared but at the same time feel the action, this game will satisfy you. You will feel the adrenaline as you search for tips, keys and objects, and with Granny's sudden appearance, you will run immediately. The most important thing to do is to be quiet. Think of it like you are in the movie A Quiet Place.

Immortality Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Granny mod apk file, Granny won't be able to damage you so that you will be immortal. No matter how often you get caught, she won't be able to do anything to you so that you will explore the house and enjoy the dark theme freely. Make fun of Granny and play with her. You can even lock her in the sauna and make an escaping record time. Are you ready to be scared and get goosebumps?