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Updated : 2022.07.11

Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk is a tower defense game where you will build defenses and defeat the enemies. Your soldiers will be talented monkeys and defend by popping balloons. Yes, I am sure you are surprised. You will meet with content that you have not seen in any game. You will fight in different paths, blow up balloons, and try to be the winner.

In Bloons TD Battles, you will place the defenses and monkeys with the correct points and pop the balloons on the battlefield. The balloons' speed and the battles' difficulty will increase with each round. To pop all the balloons, you should upgrade your defenses and add more ones to the crucial points. At the same time, you will attack by sending balloons to the opponent's path, making it difficult to fight with them. Build your strategy and attack your enemies one by one.

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Welcome to a world full of monkeys in Bloons TD Battles. Monkeys, who don't stay calm for a moment, will throw you into other battles every time. Sometimes you will be the one to attack, and sometimes all you need to do will be defend your territory. You will place your defenses and monkeys by strategizing along different paths, pop the rapidly incoming balloons, and win the battle by reducing your opponent's lives to zero. Your first warrior will be the dart monkey. You will place it at a crucial point so it can pop all the ballons. After each round, the balloons will get stronger, so you should constantly strengthen your tower defense. The other essential thing that will work for you is to send balloons to the enemy's side. This way, your opponent loose lives, and you will earn more income. You can add to the middle part some different kinds of spawn balloons. For example, black balloons are durable for explosions, and you should use them according to your enemy's tower defense mechanism. Build your strategy well, keep your defense strong and win the battles by destroying the other side's defense with the balloons you send.

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Use All the Defenses

In Bloons TD Battles, you will use many defense agents and upgrade them. As you play, you will understand which ones work best in which situations and strengthen your tower defense until there are no weak areas left. You will add Bomb Tower for popping grouped ballons. With upgrades would have the extra range and bigger bombs. Track shooters will be shoots spikes in every direction at the same time. By upgrading the Trach Shooter, you can have faster shooting and extra track range. In addition, there will be many more defenses and monkeys with different skills. Knowing what they do and doing the placements right is essential to winning. You can also use a tower boost, balloon boost, and put nails on the ground. Even if you seem to succeed in the first rounds, your opponent may change tactics, and you may not be able to protect your defense between the accelerating balloons. Therefore, you should use your cash wisely. You will buy defense towers, make upgrades, and send balloons. You should spend your money in a controlled manner and determine your strategy well.

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Different Modes

You can fight in many different modes in Bloons TD Battles. The modes are battle arena, defense mode, and assault battle. In defense mode, you win by reducing opponents' lives, but in assault mode, you will send many ballons to the opposite side and try to put your opponent in a difficult position. You will be matched with your opponent and see the map where you will race. You will add three tower defense mechanisms in each match and have one bonus. You can chat with your opponent on the battlefield and highlight your moves. There will be many different maps with more complex tracks and challenges each time. There will be clan options that you can join as 13 or older and 12 or younger. To have a clan, all you have to do is have a Ninja Kiwi account. You can also join new events and look at the weekly board.

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Enjoyable and Quality Graphics

Bloons TD Battles have fun quality graphics and enjoyable content. In the game, which appeals to all age groups, the weapons consist of thorns and nails, and the enemies are balloons. We can even understand from this that it is the game with the unique content among the tower defense games. There are no explosions, soldiers, or classic army gear. You are in the world of monkeys, and all your strength comes from their intelligence and abilities. You will build a strong defense in every battle, but the defenses you have chosen at the right points, won't let even a balloon pass without popping. You will attack with the balloons you send across and put your opponent in a difficult position. It will be faster, more challenging, and more tactical every time.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Bloons TD Battles mod apk file. This way, you can make all the upgrades and buy all the defenses freely. You can make a strong beginning, and even in the first levels, you can win easily with the tactics and defenses. You will pop all the balloons, plan with your dart monkeys, beat your opponents and take your name to the top in weekly competitions.