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Updated : 2022.07.10

Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter Mod Apk is an action game where you will shoot all the targets on a moving platform. You will be impressed by the uniqueness of the game's characters, graphics, and content. You will show your shooting skills and your aiming performance with slow motions. You will not want to leave the game even for a moment with the difficulties and features that get harder at each level.

In Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter, you will see your enemies along a long road and try to shoot them all by aiming correctly. As you shoot, the screen will slow down, and you will aim. If you can't shoot even one person, you lose. You will be a planned, deadly, professional shooter and make Johnny's name known. You will unlock many weapons and enjoy unique gameplay with different costumes. Be a powerful shooter and crush all the enemies.

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You will play one of the most different content you will ever encounter. You will shoot all target enemies that come your way on a platform. Even though it sounds normal when said like that, the minimalist graphics in the game and impressive shooting effects are extremely unique. You can be the character with the coolest style and appearance.

You are a classy shooter wearing a suit and glasses. Your target will be to challenge and shoot all the enemies on the platform throughout the level. If you leave even one person, you lose. You won't even be able to control your character's direction; all you have to do is focus on your shots. Your character will automatically advance along the way, and when encountering enemies, the scene zooms in just like in a close-up action movie. At that moment, you will shoot and try to win.

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Complete Chapters

In Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter, you will earn money for every man you hit. By not completing the levels, you will move into the next chapter. There will be boss fights in the middle parts of the levels. While fighting the boss, you should try to hit the headshot and inflict more damage. While killing armed enemies, you can target the container full of explosives between two and simultaneously detonate them with a single bullet.

Enemies will sometimes be above and sometimes below, and their number will increase with each level. As you progress through the platform, you will come across shops and randomly select rewards from three locked bags. Each time your journey will become a little more diverse and difficult. You will somersault over metal plates, shoot enemies from all angles, and kill as many targets as possible.

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Use New Weapons

In Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter, you will see a collection of weapons in contrast to the use of such simple graphics. They are diverse and have unique shooting effects. Even the names of the weapons are brutal and different. You can buy pistols, submachine guns, powerful rifles, artistic-looking guns, bows, shuriken, and snowballs. You can unlock VIP weapons for big and majestic weapons with high damage.

With effects, bullets, and your kill record, you will increase your charisma and become an everlasting enemy. If I give you an example of one weapon you will be impressed with, ı can say the GLACIAL-999 because enemies die by being trapped in a piece of ice. You can get all the powerful weapons and hit targets by displaying your skills on the platform.

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Unlock Customizations

Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter, you will have an apartment to unlock as you progress through the game. At first, there are a sofa, a coffee table, a safe, a map, and a coat hanger to hang your business gear. You will have new weapons and outfits that you build more of them. You will make a multi-floor house worthy of an ultimate boss. You will unlock each floor and organize rooms with different items and purposes. You will have a planning ground, ninjutsu dojo, Tommy's place, etc. You will have a different costume on each floor, but you can unlock more in the outfit section.

There are four sections classic, ultimate, base, and bundles. You can buy a dark costume that looks like a Batman, a mastermind that looks like a science professor. You can improve your skills and enjoy the change by choosing looks that match your style. Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter is already so much fun, with unique and quality graphics. A minimalist environment, different maps, and smooth gameplay take the players' attention. In addition, you will be able to buy many costumes for your character and enjoy the moments with weapons with different effects.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter mod apk file. This way, you can unlock the apartment floors and buy powerful weapons and costumes freely. You will complete the challenging levels, make powerful shots with different weapons each time, and make headshots before the enemies notice you. Put on your costume and start showing off your deadly skills.