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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Mod Apk is an action game where you will be on an endless running journey. I guess there isn't one among you who doesn't know our cute blue fluffy Sonic, his adventures, movies, and previous games. This time your goal is the same as before. You will not let the annoying Dr. Eggman, your arch-enemy, dominate the universe and energy and try to stop him.

If you know the previous game, Sonic Dash, you can be sure that more fun, fast and adrenaline-filled adventure awaits you. Throughout the endless platform, you will overcome all the obstacles you encounter, dodge, be unstoppable with your speed, and collect the rings. You will complete missions and get a little further each time. Will you accept a ring from Sonic? Of course, not to marry, but to compete.

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Our puckish, restless, energetic Sonic is ready for a fast-paced adventure. Sonic will give you the speed and motivation you need. Now everything depends on your gaming skills and quick maneuvers. It would be a lie to say that I downloaded the game to explain it to you in detail. Because the game was already on my device, I played it often. I am sure you will download it after you keep reading.

Let's talk about the gameplay now. As you saw other running games before, you will progress along the road in front of you. You will swipe side to change lane, up to jump, down to bend over, and roll to attack. Sometimes you will both jump and attack. On the way, you will collect Orbs to fill your dash bar and activate it with a double-tap. Dash will be beneficial for you to do combos. Do not think that you will not see the rings of Sonic. Do not think that you will not see the celebrated rings of Sonic. You will try to collect as many rings as you can.

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Challenging Endless Journey

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom will present obstacles and difficulties to keep you sweating and excited. In other words, you will feel the adrenaline at its peak with the tracks that will not slow down for a moment. You will jump from wooden obstacles, attack crabs, escape from Dr. Eggman's Badniks Robots, and even rise to the sky and use the powerups you encounter on the way to score better on the track. You will earn prizes as you complete missions. Quests such as roll 5 times in one run, collect 50 rings, collect 80 Orbs, and run 1250 meters will appear on the screen in each run. You will try to make the highest score without hitting the obstacles as much as possible.

You will go as far as you can and run without stopping. You will lose the ring in small obstacles and continue on your way, but your run will end when you hit potent obstacles. As you progress, the tracks will become more complex, and your global score multiplier will increase as you pass the levels. Never give up and help Sonic and his friends in this breathless adventure. I am sure you will have so much fun that you will never want to leave the game anyway.

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Use Power-Ups

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Although Dr.  Eggman has many gadgets to trap you, you will also have many power-ups along the way. The Magnet power-up creates a blue circle around Sonic and collects all the rings. The Shield will prevent you from taking damage and losing when you hit an obstacle. Score Doubler boosts the player's point awards. With Enerbeam, you will be pulled up onto an Ener-Rail and continue your journey under the blue sky.

Who doesn't want their feet to be lifted off the ground a little? The last one is Super Ring which gives you 10 or 20 rings in a capsule. With fast maneuvers, energetic moves, crushing rolls, and power-ups you collect, nothing will stop you on the way. I am sure you will put on performances that Sonic will appreciate and give you five stars, and you will catch up with his energy. Not exactly, but it is still good to play with him, even if we can't come close to a little of his speed in reality.

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Unlock New Characters

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, you will see and play with Sonic's friends who always support him. As you pass the levels, you will unlock all the characters and experience more fun journeys. You will see the other character at the bends in your runs and sometimes change your hero. You will be able to play with the cute Tiles who can do anything with her tail, Knuckles the Echidna, who can move mountains with his power, Vector the Crocodile, Amy Rose, and many more. Each of them will have special powers.

For example, Knuckles jumps up and slam down to unleash a powerful Badkink-busting blast. Imagine what he can do on an endless running track when no one can have the courage to stand up to him. You can also upgrade heroes to improve their power. You can also compete with other players and win prizes by participating in exciting events. I don't know how much longer I can write to persuade you to download the game, but I can guarantee that you will never regret it even after playing only for a few minutes.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom mod apk file. This way, you can participate in all the events, buy characters, upgrade, and enjoy the game freely. The adventure of Sonic and his friends continues with excitement at the maximum level. You will experience the most entertaining endless runner game and spend hours with puckish Sonic.