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Updated : 2022.09.05

City Island 5 - Building Sim Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will create your dream cities on many undiscovered islands. If you like city-building games and want to spend hours with joy, this game is for you. While the previous games of the series are among the most successful games with millions of downloads, the producer offers players a game of higher quality and content enriched each time.

In City Island 5 - Building Sim, you will unlock islands with different climates such as tropical, polar, or desert. In all of them, you will create world-famous cities, increase your population and try to create the happiest society. You will build charming villas, large apartments, cafes, bakeries, cinemas, restaurants, and seaside submarine buildings. Use your imagination, make your dream city, and create a perfect city life.

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If you are ready for your breathtaking journey and display your creativity in City Island 5 - Building Sim, let's discuss the exciting details. You will step into the exotic Crescent Bay. You will choose your guide and together begin the building adventure in the idyllic and sunny land. First, you will build houses for people to settle in and for citizens to come.

Then you will make your city's settlement plan by adding walking paths, asphalt, and canal roads. You can rotate, reconstruct or destroy any building, so you can feel free the try and change the decor at any time. You can upgrade the buildings to have better quality, and this way, you can earn keys that open additional buildings and treasures. Do not forget that you should always use your imagination, creativity, and style because you can make and build everything in your dream city.

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Create a Fascinating City Life

In City Island 5 - Building Sim, you must establish community buildings and keep the happiness rate high to grow your city and attract the attention of citizens. No matter how much building experience you will use in this game, you will also be responsible for the entire population, meet their needs, and create a happy environment.

The community section has a post office, city hall, fire department, police station, museum, university, etc. As you level up, you will unlock more buildings and categories, earn rewards and expand your lands by buying new areas. You will also build commercial buildings such as cafes, bakeries, shopping malls, resorts, florists, bars, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, etc. Citizens will love socializing, visiting different stores, enjoying amusement places, renting jet skis, and drinking cold drinks. Build the most beautiful island in the world and maintain a fancy city life.

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Build Amusement Parks

In Create a Fascinating City Life, the things you will add to beautify your city are not finished yet. The decoration section has parks, trees, sandcastles, fountains, mangroves, statues, bicycle racks, flowers, and many more. You will even build a jungle on the sea! Because you are on a sunny and tropical island, you will create a Jet Ski rental, tavern, fish restaurant, shipwreck, water purification plant, and submarine buildings.

You will make the best seaside and summer place where everyone wants to come. By placing parks near the houses, you will provide a good service and will not make anyone feel like they are stuck in city traffic or between buildings. You will see the leaderboard worldwide and try to get on the list with your higher population and happiness rate. You will unlock daily chests, complete quests, collets achievements, and earn prizes.

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Unlock Other Islands

In Create a Fascinating City Life, you will not have a single island but also many maps to unlock. Dusty Plain is a desert and iv everywhere cactuses seen. Lava Lagoon is a place with volcanoes. In Polar Peaks, it's all icy and cold. It is a great place for snow holidays and all kinds of skiing. Sleeping Shores is a combination of watery, tropical and earthy climate. There are other more islands which awaits you with surprises. You will build many islands with has different climates, and create a fascinating themes for each city.

Each climate will have different houses, entertainment centers, and decorations. City Island 5 - Building Sim has 3D quality graphics, eye cathing sceneries, mant customizable options and a vide range of detailed options. You will always want to enter to expand your cities, add new buildings and improve your population. ity Island 5 - Building Sim will be your favorite game on Android devices, and you will be proud of your city on all platforms.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in City Island 5 - Building Sim mod apk file. This way, you can buy all the buildings, make upgrades and create your dream cities freely. You will unlock many islands and, each time, have a wonderful experience. Do not miss this legendary city-building game and be a successful exterior architect.