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Lost Island: Blast Adventure Mod Apk is a puzzle game combined with a story and adventures on a tropical island. You will solve fun and challenging puzzles and discover the mysteries by finding ancient ruins. Although the island is called hunted by the locals, you will reveal the truth behind it.

In Lost Island: Blast Adventure, you will meet with sweet Ellie and continue your story together. You will renovate the whole island, be friends with locals, work together and create your best dream place. As you continue construction, you will solve challenging puzzles and find ruined temples and hidden treasures.

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What is the story?

Let's discuss exciting details if you are ready for your unique adventure and exploration on the island. Ellie, an archeologist from the British Museum, will welcome you and introduce herself. You and Ellie will spend your days together on the island and share stories. The island is filled with ruins of an ancient civilization and reports of people complaining about strange events and abnormalities.

These caused the villagers to think the island was haunted. But of course, because Ellie is a scientist, she will not believe them and will try to solve the mystery on the island. That is the reason why Ellie wants to come to the island. You will help Ellie solve mysteries, repair her house, and simultaneously make a beautiful life for herself on the island, and you will spend days full of adventure and fun.

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Solve Challenging Puzzles

The first thing you notice in Lost Island: Blast Adventure is to see that there is a pool with broken tiles in your garden. To fix that, you will enter your first puzzle. In puzzles, you will drag two or more matching tiles and try to complete the goal number. Sometimes your goal will be to collect the red tiles, and sometimes to collect the blue ones.

But the most important thing here is that you have a limited move right. If you don't have the right to move anymore and can't complete the goal, you will fail. Missiles and bombs will come to the puzzle and give you extra points by blowing out more tiles. As you progress you will face more challenging match 3 blast puzzles and improve your solving skills. With each successful puzzle, you will progress a little further in the story, renovate the house and garden and collect many ancient treasures.

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Renovate the Tropical House

Your home on Lost Island: Blast Adventure obviously needs a major renovation and repair. But these parts will be indispensable if you trust your design and interior taste and enjoy decoration games. You will see your daily tasks in the button in the notebook figure below, such as repairing the pool, cleaning the grounds, decorating the backyard, add exotic flowers. You will have three choices of different styles and colors for everything you change.

Thus, you will be able to create your dream house and choose many options to match each other and create a harmonious design. You will make an elaborate pool with slides, beds, or stones around it. If the country you live in is hot while playing the game, like me, you will dream of being there and jumping into the ice-cold water. You will put palm trees and colorful flowers in the garden, and when you finish one area, you will unlock other areas that appear through the clouds.

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Meet with People

You didn't think Ellie would be completely alone and go crazy in Lost Island: Blast Adventure. Your first guest will be Charles, who is well-versed in martial arts and keeper of the state and help you to clean everything and solve things. The first person you will meet in the open area will be bartender Kosmo. Kosmo is in trouble with the crabs and octopuses constantly proliferating around his old bar, which he has been running for a long time. But you will comfort him and help him to rebuild his bar.

As you continue the story, you will be surprised by the mysteries you never expected. You will open and reactivate some temples with the medallions you find. Sometimes cool and fresh water will flow and cheer up the beach. With every step, you will build and renovate your island more and more and have the best tropical place filled with beautiful temples and mysteries that improve curiosity. The conversations between the characters will make the game even more fun, and you will feel like you are in that world.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Lost Island: Blast Adventure mod apk file offers unlimited lives in the game. This way, you will solve puzzles without fail and build all the renovations freely and continue the story without losing your excitement. You will enter a different world and share good memories with lovely Ellie. You will remake the entire island, befriend the locals, and discover hidden ancient ruins.