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Android 4.4 +
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Updated : 2022.05.10

Beat Fire - EDM Music Mod Apk is a fun game where you will smash the boxes you see on the screen by shooting and keeping the rhythm to the music. Your goal in the game is to choose the one you want among thousands of music and keep the rhythm in accordance with the music. You use the weapons you have for this. When you shoot the rhythm boxes with your gun, matching sounds with the music will appear.

In Beat Fire - EDM Music, you can find almost all EDM and House music. In addition, the most listen music of the pop genre is included in the game. When new music is introduced, it is added to the "Hot" category of the game a few weeks later. You can play them to the fullest by purchasing the music files added to this category

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About Beat Fire - EDM Music

In terms of gameplay, it would not be wrong to say that Beat Fire - EDM Music is quite simple and understandable. All you have to do in the game is to point your reticle over the rhythm boxes of different colors and shoot. When you shoot, rhythms that go with the music will emerge. You have to keep rhythm until the music ends and collect points. You can view your total score and life count in the game on the panel at the top of the screen.

In Beat Fire - EDM Music, you can see your progress as a bar under the panel at the top while rhythm to the music. When this bar is full, the music is over. The more points you can collect, the more reward money you get. You can buy store contents and music with the money you earn.

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Music and Categories

I can say that there are all kinds of music you can think of in the game. These are usually the most listened to and popular music. But you can also find undiscovered musics with quality beats. To access the music, simply click on the note icon in the main menu. When you click on the menu, you can see the new, most played and VIP music in the window that opens. After selecting any music, you must buy it and play the music by clicking the blue button.

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The most important point that makes the Beat Fire - EDM Music game special is the weapons. So what's the difference between these guns and how can you buy them? If you wish, let me first talk about the difference of weapons. Weapons don't actually give you any special power or extra features. The only difference is the sound you make when you hold the rhythm. For example, you may hear different sounds at the rhythm-holding point between a shotgun and an assault rifle. You can get a better experience by changing your weapons according to the genre and music you choose.

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Stars and VIP Membership

The only secret to earning more money in the game is to get 3 stars. For this, you should try not to miss the rhythms as much as possible and shoot at the right moments. It is possible to view your total number of stars on the progress bar at the top. Finally, I would like to talk about the game-related VIP membership. You can buy this membership in the store. When you buy the membership, you will have an extra right when you can't keep the rhythm and your game ends. So you can continue where you left off.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will never run out of money with the Beat Fire - EDM Music mod apk file. In this way, you will be able to buy music, new shares, vip memberships and weapons of all levels in the game.