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Updated : 2022.08.24

In Stealth Master Mod Apk, you will be a ruthless assassin who sneaks up behind the enemies and neutralizes them in their vulnerable moments. Choose your character and capture the enemies one by one and corner them to pass the levels. You can easily complete the levels by defeating the cornered enemies with a quick move.

In order to reach the evil boss in Stealth Master, a production of Saygames, you must defeat the boss's men and make him pay for what he has done. Remember, the most important trait of an assassin is stealth. When you lose your stealth, you must hide quickly and follow the enemies to be able to move again. When you prepare the environment by waiting for the right moment, you can defeat the enemies with a simple and finishing move.

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Let's Check Out Stealth Master

Your goal in the game is to kill all the enemies on the floor to complete the levels. When the enemies die, you can go to the next floor by taking the elevator at the end of the floor, and you must advance by defeating the enemies that come your way. In this way, you must go up to the top floor and try to reach the boss's office. However, there is one point you should pay attention to. As you go to the upper floors in the game, the level and power of the enemies increase. That's why you have to strengthen your character.

At the end of each level you complete in Stealth Master, you can earn 1 upgrade that allows you to strengthen your character. You can proceed to the next section by choosing one of 3 different options. Especially in the first chapters, I recommend you to get the improvements that increase your attack power and armor value. Speed improvements will become more important as you level up. Because the characters will start to move much faster than you. If you are slow against them, you can become a simple target.

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Earn Special Rewards by Doing Combos

The faster you are in the game, the better rewards you will get. The logic of making a combo is quite simple. You must quickly kill the enemies one after the other. For example, if you kill 3 enemies in a row, you will be able to do a triple combo and win one of the golden rewards. Gold rewards usually allow you to use the most powerful weapons throughout a chapter. Especially if you can get this reward before you encounter the boss, you will get a great advantage.

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Make fun of the enemies

Stealth Master is a game where you have to keep your privacy at the maximum level. In such a game, you can have fun making fun of the enemies. You will see lanterns in the hands of enemies. If you appear on these lanterns or kill any enemy, other enemies will be alarmed. You can hide by quickly changing positions and hunt enemies one by one by making fun of them.

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Unlock New Items with Your Money

You will earn money from every enemy you defeat in the game. You can buy weapons, equipment and armor with the money you earn. Especially if you buy weapons such as katana and sword, the pleasure you get from the game will increase. Because you need a sword or a katana to experience Stealth Master in the best way. Honestly, I really enjoyed playing with the katana. Since I do not want you to be deprived of this pleasure, I recommend you to play with katana.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with Stealth Master mod apk file. In this way, you can buy all the necessary weapons and equipment to neutralize the enemies you encounter in the game in a much simpler way. Now you will become the nightmare of your enemies. Reach out to the evil boss now and make him taste the death he deserves.