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Updated : 2022.08.15

Bus Simulator PRO Mod Apk is a fun mobile game where you will be a bus driver and establish an intercity bus company. The game takes place on the streets of America. You start a company that transports passengers between cities and states. You both manage the company and try to earn money by being a driver. In the game, you can use many vehicles such as minibusses, buses, and caravans. Some of the vehicle models have been models that do not exist in real life and look quite iconic. You can buy and use all the vehicles that you can afford by clicking on the gallery in the main menu.

Bus Simulator PRO is a new addition to the mobile gaming world. Since the plans are long-term, I can say that the game is still in beta version. Therefore, you may encounter some bugs. You can report any errors or bugs you encounter to Sir Studios, the producer of the game, by e-mail.

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How to Play Bus Simulator PRO?

Bus Simulator PRO is a very simple and enjoyable game to play. This game has no different from a classic car driving game. In the game, you carry intercity passengers by choosing the one you want among certain routes. At the bottom right of the screen you will see the accelerator and brake pedals. In order to direct the vehicle, you must first enter the settings menu and determine the control scheme. You can steer the bus with a button, an on-screen steering wheel or by turning the phone.

There are also automatic and sequential gear options in the game. You can control the gear with the bar on the accelerator and brake pedals. It is possible to see the door opening, wiper opening, signal, quad and camera angle buttons at the top of the screen. There are so many buttons in the game that it would be much better for you to try them one by one and see them.
After mastering the controls and gameplay, you will pick up passengers from the platform. You will leave the passengers you have picked up at the designated points on the road. When all the passengers have disembarked, the route will be completed and you will have successfully transported the passengers. If you have an accident in the game, you can call the roadside assistance team and go to the nearest city. After repairing the bus, you can continue on your way.

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Passenger Satisfaction

The first thing that a bus company should pay attention to is passenger satisfaction. If you want to become a nationwide company, it is very important to keep your passengers happy. You can see the symbol representing the satisfaction of the passengers at the bottom of the map. When the icon turns red, you can understand that the passengers are restless, you need to follow the rules and go slowly. If the icon is green, you can be sure that everything is proceeding normally and that the passengers are quite satisfied with this journey.

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Impressive Bus Models

In addition to the classic American buses, many buses reflecting the European style are also included in the game. I would also like to point out that some models that we can call futuristic and that do not exist in real life are also placed in the game. I don't remember any other game where the variety of buses is this much. If you have a passion for buses and want to see impressive bus models, you should definitely play this game.

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Don't Forget To Buy Gas

You will pass many gas stations along the route you follow in Bus Simulator PRO. When your gas is low, you should not forget to get petrol by entering one of these stations. Otherwise, you may be stuck on the road.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with the Bus Simulator PRO mod apk file. You will be able to buy all bus models in the game. You will also be able to grow throughout the country by recruiting new drivers and buses to your company.