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Talking Ben the Dog Mod Apk is a fun mobile game about the daily life of a retired chemistry professor, Ben. You will conduct experiments in the game, manage Ben's life and have a pleasant time by creating conversation recordings. Yes, our character in the game, Ben, is a talking dog. Ben can repeat everything you say and imitate you to create funny audio recordings. You also have the opportunity to share the recordings you have made with your friends.

So, is Ben only capable of speaking? You can learn the answer to this question by trying all the features of the game. However, if we talk about it briefly, you can control Ben's life in the game. You can make him read the newspaper, play games, pet him and talk to him. Of course, you need to help Ben to meet his daily needs. You will assist Ben on a daily basis with his needs such as eating and washing

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How to play?

You can burp when you click on the icon with Ben's photo on it. Ben looks really funny when he's burping. You can talk to Ben by clicking the phone icon, which is another icon. Ben will imitate you because he is a character who repeats what he hears. Whatever you say will be transmitted back to you in a funny tone. In fact, this is one of the most important features of this game. You get yourself a copycat friend.

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Create Funny Videos!

You can share many videos from Talking Ben the Dog on Youtube, Instagram, etc. You must have seen it on platforms like: If you want to create funny videos like this, imitate audio and entertain people, you can share your own video. For sharing, you first need to save the video to your phone. You can start the screen recording by clicking the camera icon in the upper left part of the screen. After making imitations and making fun sounds, you can end the recording by clicking the same button.

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Record And Share

You can view all the videos you recorded in the game in the Talking Ben the Dog category in your gallery. By choosing your favorite videos among these videos, you can break viewing records by sharing them on platforms such as Youtube shorts or Instagram reels.

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Chemist Ben

Talking dog Ben, a retired chemist, can't get the experiments out of his mind. That's exactly why you need to click on the test tube icon and do daily experiments and make sure Ben doesn't lose interest in chemistry. However, you should be careful. There is a risk of minor accidents if something goes wrong with the experiment. Therefore, never start the experiment without taking precautions.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

Thanks to the Talking Ben the Dog mod apk file, you will unlock all the content in the game. Thus, you will be able to shoot an unlimited number of videos, extend the video shooting time and have the chance to experience some locked game features. In short, if you want to have more fun with Ben, you must download this mod apk file and install it on your phone. So, in order not to miss out on fun, install now and enjoy spending time with retired chemist Ben!