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Updated : 2022.05.27

The Walking Zombie 2 Mod Apk is a story-based adventure game named after one of the world's most famous productions, The Walking Dead series. First of all, the game's story and graphics really impressed me. I think you will be particularly impressed with the story. If you have watched the series before, you can see that there are similarities in some points of the story. However, even if you haven't watched the series, you will definitely enjoy this game.

The Walking Zombie 2, produced by Alda Games, was an excellent production that you will get enough of action and adventure. According to the story of the game, a woman who is not caught in the zombie epidemic is bitten and infected by a zombie one day. When she realizes she has no chance now, she wants at least her child to be saved. The woman's last wish is fulfilled and the child is saved. Here, the child is you. Now your goal is to prevent people from suffering, to find an antidote to stop the zombie epidemic so that no one experiences what your mother went through.

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What Does The Walking Zombie 2 Offer You?

After a short introduction, the game asks you to specify your character's name. You can switch between different characters in the game. That's why in the first part of the story, you switch to the character that protects the child because you are a child. Your first goal is to secure the child and defeat the zombies using the weapons in your hand.

In The Walking Zombie 2 game, you can view your current task  in the upper left part of the screen. It is very important that you progress by following the tasks. Because when you complete the tasks, you will see that the unfinished points in the story are completed one by one. In short, if you want to progress in the story, you have to complete the tasks.

One of the best parts of the game is that you can change the story with the choices you make. The answers you give during your speeches affect all the events that will happen in the future. This allows you to encounter unique stories every time. So even if you play the game dozens of times, you can reach different endings.

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Interact with Characters

In The Walking Zombie 2, you will stay in a small camp that you have created with different people. You can enter into separate dialogues with all the characters in the camp, get tasks from them, and earn money by completing the tasks.

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Food, Water and Gasoline

In a real zombie disaster, the most important things you will need are food, water and gasoline. You will need these 3 things very much in the game. So how do you get food, water and gas? Your first option would be to buy them from other people. Your other option is to go to abandoned grocery stores and gas stations filled with zombies. Thanks to the mod apk file I will give you, you will not hesitate to apply the first option. Since you will have unlimited money, you can use your money to meet all your needs.

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Guns and Bombs

You will need powerful weapons and bombs to counter the zombies. You can also buy weapons and bombs with the money you earn by doing tasks. ince the zombies are walking in groups, it seems like you will need bombs a lot.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Walking Zombie 2 mod apk file offers you endless money source. In this way, you will be able to buy all the weapons in the game. In addition, your water, food and gasoline will never run out. In this way, all that remains is to make your choices and complete the story.