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Among Us Mod Apk is an action game where the players become astronauts and try to fix and ship the spaceship. Welcome to this game that has been attracting attention since its first release. There will be all kinds of intrigues, murderers, and trusty astronauts in the spaceship. You will never be sure who to trust and who is who.

In Among Us, as a crewmate, you will complete your tasks, find the rebels and try to win the game. Or vice versa, you can be one of the imposters and kill everyone, hide your identity and try to take off all the astronauts in the spaceship. Whichever you are, you can be sure that you will have an incredible experience in the game, be excited, and do your best to win.

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In Among Us, you are a group of astronauts in a spaceship, and your goal is to launch it. But there are game disruptors known as imposters among you who try to kill the crew, sabotage, and destroy the mission. As cruel as it may sound, I can say that being an imposter is enjoyable. The other group is crewmates. You don't know who is the imposter or the crewmate in the game. Crewmates' goal is to complete missions, to find imposters and throw them off the ship. Even if they can't find out who is the imposters, they can win by completing all the missions.

The impostors want to kill the crew and destroy the spaceship. They mustn't reveal who they are and hide very well. When the imposter kills someone, the others get an advantage. Those who see or suspect the killing can hold an emergency meeting and share their thoughts. After every emergency meeting, there is a vote section. Either can be an imposter go or a crewmate.

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Imposter's goal is to kill everyone on board and try not to reveal their identity. I can say that being an imposter is much more dangerous and fun. The imposters should act like a crewmate, appear as doing the tasks, and not arouse suspicion. They should try to divert the suspicions to another player. They can go in the vents to hide and wait for a crewmate to come or create vandalism and split everyone. Since there can be a maximum of three imposters, it's best to be careful, hide, and kill crewmates while no one is around.

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Crewmates should act together and perform well in teamwork. They have a task list consisting of fixing things around the map. At the same time, by completing these tasks, they try to find the imposters and throw them from the ship. But of course, this is not always easy. Because the imposters, who are few, hide their identities well and create vandalism. You have to be very careful and vigilant. An imposter can come and kill you at any moment.

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Find the Imposters

In Among Us, players can only speak when they report a dead body or have an emergency meeting. If crewmates see suspicious behaviors, they can use the emergency button. Players share who they are suspicious of and where they are in emergency meetings. But it's not easy to trust here because the imposters will lie and direct the suspects to the crewmates. At the end of each emergency meeting, the voting section opens.

The player with the highest number of votes gets out of the ship. Crewmates win if they are imposters who take out of the ship and vice versa. So you see, Among Us depends entirely on strategy and intelligence. In addition to all this information, you can create spaceships with different tasks and features like arranging the visual angle. And most importantly you can play with your friends and spend time together.

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In the Among Us unlocked mod apk file, you can buy and unlock everything. You can wear skins, funny hats and even buy pets. An exciting experience awaits you, where you can spend time with your friends, get greedy to find the imposter, or become the imposter and kill everyone one by one. In addition to this, with the mod apk you can unlock everything and have more fun!