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Updated : 2022.09.10

Bouncemasters Mod Apk is an arcade game where you will shoot the penguin as far as possible. This game offers an entertaining gaming experience and North Arctic visuals that will not disappoint its players. Polar bears, ıce blocks, whales, and many other fun features wait for players. If you want to feel winter and cold deep down, keep reading.

In Bouncemasters, your main goal is to shoot the penguin farthest and land it properly. You will try to collect coins and diamonds, make upgrades, and do daily missions. For jumping again and higher, you will be aware all the time. You will not understand how the hours pass on the icebergs, and you will always do better to reach the goal. Let me continue to explain the game before you get cold more.

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Game Story

I know you felt the same excitement as me when the first snow fell in winter. You will experience the same excitement when you first enter the Bouncemasters A penguin, and his telescope welcome you. At that moment, you will see that the penguin fell in love as if the arrow of eros was stuck in him. Here is our story begins. Our penguin is in the North Arctic, surrounded by ice blocks with a polar bear. And our lovely girl is somewhere sunny. Your main goal is to throw the penguin as close as the other penguin. Who can refuse a penguin with a heart in its eyes? If you've wrapped your blanket and prepared your hot chocolate, I will move to explain the gameplay.

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You don't have to worry because the game does not have complex gameplay, and there is a detailed tutorial in the first place. With a polar bear, you try to shoot the penguin. When you tap to kick when the penguin falls, it starts to fly. The screen falls towards the seals and jumps higher again when you touch the screen. You collect coins and diamonds in the sky and win trophies and coins at the end. You will try to do amazing kicks, combos, and fly as far as possible. With each shot, you get closer to the other penguin, as you can see on the map. You will go up even to space and try to get a new high score every time. Grab your bat and throw the penguin as far away as possible.

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As in every game, it is essential to make upgrades. In Bouncemasters, you can upgrade the penguin's power, max speed, rebound, and beat force skills. Although our penguin is essential to us, we must not forget that we shoot with a polar bear. It would help if you upgraded the bear's shot too. A bat button exists on the main menu; you can buy new bats there.

There are lots of funny and different skill boosts. Such as, the unicorn has more beat force and rebound. Yes, you heard right. There are bats of varying shapes like snakes, ice cream, the Eiffel tower, guitars, pan with eggs, etc. You can buy your favorite one and upgrade your shoot. As you get stronger, your shots will improve, the penguin will go further, and you will be more motivated with the coins you earn. We need to get together them, do not give up!

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Daily Missions and Rewards

As you progress in the game and get stronger, you will enjoy it more. There are daily missions that you should check all the time. I must say the coins you get from missions are high. In Bouncemasters, coins and diamonds are essential for upgrades and buying bats. You can hit the chest box and try to collect coins and diamonds in the sky. After each game, you have rewards too. Collect the rewards and do missions, do all the upgrades, launch the penguin into space and try to reach the other penguin. When you get the penguin, you will take a kiss. Seeing them together is a fantastic feeling. You should keep going and enjoy the kicking.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited coins in the Bouncemasters mod apk file. This way, you can buy every bat and do upgrades. You will have fun, enjoy the cold weather and try to gather the penguins by jumping over the seals and whales. Kick your bat as strong as possible and make the penguins happy.