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Updated : 2022.07.31

Sand Balls Mod Apk is a puzzle game where you will reach the balls to the truck by making paths in the sand. Sand Balls, which will be one of your favorite games with its colorful balls and enjoyable gameplay, appeals to people of all ages. With its colorful graphics, summer vibe, and motivating effects, the game will give you pleasure.

In Sand Balls, you will roll the balls into the sand without getting stuck in the obstacles trying to reach the truck. You will collect keys that open boxes full of rewards as you move. After each level, paths get challenging, and obstacles will increase. With its fun and easy gameplay, you will get the colored balls to the goal, relax with the sounds of the balls and get excited about each level. If you want to chill and get some joy, this game is for you.

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Sand Balls has simple gameplay. You can play calmly by drinking your coffee or listening to your favorite music. Especially if you feel stressed, the sounds of the balls falling will relax you. A big pile of sand and colorful balls greet us. This time, instead of building a sandcastle or burying our friend in the sand, you will open the paths of the balls.

At the bottom of the sand pile, there is a truck. You have to make the way of balls in the sand and make this truck fill up. You create the path of the balls by digging in the sand. As the levels progress, the way of the balls gets longer, so you can check that there is no ball left behind by moving the screen up and down with the slide button on the side. You have to make your way well and deliver the colored balls to the truck.

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Different Paths

You will encounter a different sand way on each level. There will be different shapes of blocks and a white ball collection. When you reach the white balls, they will turn colorful and mix with other balls. Therefore, the ball number will increase, and you will be able to drag more balls into the truck. I wish we could get more of it when we mix everything we love with white balls. You will also encounter many surprises, such as bombs blowing up the sand around it, mill blocks, slash-like blocks, and tunnels. You can be sure that the shapes, colorful balls, and paths in Sand Balls will cheer you up. Your energy will rise more and more as you will fill your truck by clearing the way for the balls.

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There may be places where you need to avoid obstacles and prevent your balls from getting stuck. As you play the game, you will understand that it is good that the path you make in the sand should be smooth and not winding. You should ensure that there are no stuck balls in the sand, and you should not make moves that will point them in different directions. If you can't get enough balls to the truck, you can't pass the level. As you level up, you will encounter more challenging obstacles, but I'm sure as you play, the paths you create will become professional, and you will not be able to leave Sand Balls for a moment.

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I think I will surprise you with this title because something in the game will get you very excited. You have an island to restore! A strong storm damaged this island, and now the people need your help. You can rebuild the places and make the building process faster with diamonds. After each rebuild, you earn a box full of rewards. You will make the island bright and cheerful again and enjoy the sunny days at the seaside. At least on winter days, looking at that island will make us happy.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money and diamond in Sand Balls mod apk file. This way, you will be able to upgrade your truck and balls easily. And also, you can rebuild your island way more early and enjoy a sunny day. You will quickly start the game and enjoy it more. Sand Balls is like a packet of joy and is full of colorful balls that look like bonbons. How can you refuse such colorful entertainment?