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Farmscapes Mod Apk is a puzzle game with an excellent story full of surprises. Although there are match-3 puzzles to solve, you will mainly witness Mary's story and help her create a new life. Playrix, the game's producer, has many games that take you to other stories. You may know some of them. Again this time, they created an addictive and entertaining story that will make you stay in the game for hours.

In Farmscapes, you will renovate a dusty, old, dilapidated house and farm. You will replace, renovate all items and clean the house. You will turn the inside of the house into a bright and peaceful place, and you will turn the garden into a lush green area adorned with the scent of flowers. You will show all your taste and architectural skills, and even you will be proud of the final look of the house.

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What awaits you?

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the city's noise, confusion, and sullen people? Have you ever dreamed of a vast sea, a quiet cottage, or a walk in the woods at that moment? Here is Mary at the point where you say enough! Our lovely Mary needs a fresh breath, new life, and a start. That morning she saw an ad about a farm and cottage, and without a moment's hesitation, she set off and arrived at that place that would change her life completely. She reached a sunny, quiet, and beautiful farm. Of course, everything is overgrown, complicated, dirty, and needs innovation. But fortunately, she has the best helper: you! You will help Mary make renovations and designs and take care of the plants in the garden. Conversations, the continuing story, and many surprises will excite you every moment.

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As soon as you enter the house, you will see nothing, but dust and stuff piled on the floor. You will see your to-do list at the bottom. Following the list, you will know what you need to do in order. Mary will also help you progress step by step anyway. You can choose the one that suits the home design and vibe you want to create and be proud of your architectural talent. After spending time with Mary, she will become friends with you and even ask your name. As you can guess, cleaning is the next step. At least the floating papers, dust, and covers will be disappeared a little. My dream for the house is white walls, rattan chandeliers, wooden curtains, and a bright design. I think of a complete farmhouse that will keep Mary energized and positive every minute. Of course, I am also highly curious about your taste too. You will create a magnificent house by choosing stylish finery, unique furniture, and decors.

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Build Your Farm

In Farmscapes, you will create the garden of your dreams and reflect the beauty of nature. First you will clean the messy garden and get rid of old branches. And while you are doing this, your next-door neighbor, Philippe, will come to meet you and help you. You will witness the real life of Mary. You don't just play the house arrangement and decor game. For this reason, you will not be able to leave the game for hours with the immersion and story of the game. You will plant trees and flowers in your garden. You choose between planting lemon, apple or berries trees. You will do pathway right in front of your backyard seating area and renew your fences. When you create the final version of your garden in Farmscapes, you will have an area where you can drink your coffee for hours. At least Mary will enjoy it for you.

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Play Mini Puzzles

You will play match-3 puzzles in Farmscapes. You will blast blocks of the same color and collect vegetables. Horseshoes you earn in puzzles will help you complete more missions. When you complete all, the day strikes, you will start a new day, and Mary will have taken a deep sleep. Every new day you will make the house, garden, and farm a little more beautiful. Over time, you will create a safe space for your sheep and other animals and you will be constantly excited by the continuation of the story. Farmscapes has quality graphics, an amazing detailed story, eye-catching colorful objects, and amazing characters. You will immerse yourself in the game and the story so much that it will be the night when you put your device away. I can say that you will be extra happy with the options and variety of objects in the game, especially if you are someone who loves renovation and decorating games.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Farmscapes mod apk file offers you unlimited money in the game. This way, you can make all the renovations, buy objects and enjoy the story freely. You will create your farm, take care of your animals, completely renovate the whole house and garden, and have a gratifying gaming experience with various options. Don't miss this game of the series and witness the story of Mary.