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Subway Surfers Match Mod Apk is a puzzle game where you will solve match-3 puzzles and complete graffiti drawings. The Subway Surfers game has gained popularity worldwide and has millions of downloads. But now, even more fun and addictive experience await you. I am sure old fans clicked on Subway Surfers Match as soon as they saw it and wondered what it could be new?

In Subway Surfers Match, all the characters you know, such as Jack, Tricky, and Spike, are on a different journey. This time, you will find them doing a more enjoyable activity instead of bouncing off the trains and running away from the guard. You will draw graffiti on the walls of the whole city. You will win the spray paints needed for graphics by solving puzzles and competing with your friends by creating a team.

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In Subway Surfers Match, we will see Jack, who we see running all the time, having fun in a more relaxed way. For those of you who don't know Jack, he is someone who draws fantastic graffiti and always looking for a blank wall to draw on. You will make drawings and solve challenging puzzles together. You will make your first drawing on a florist's wall. Don't worry; even if you are a newbie, Jack will still do a flawless job. You need paints cans, but you have to earn them as they are not unlimited. To have golden cans, you will play solve puzzles; in other words, play match-3 games. You will disappear the icons of the same symbol and shape by swiping and collecting the target. If you can't collect enough targets, you will fail. You will match items of the same color and shape in a straight line and unlock power-ups. No matter how adrenaline-free it may sound compared to the past adventure, you will have a lot of joy and spend hours in the game.

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Use Power-ups

You will use many power-ups while making matches in puzzles. With consecutive power-ups, you can make a big explosion or finish the puzzle in seconds. All boosters have different features and power Subway Surfers Match. When you activate Rocket Can, it explodes the entire column along. You can create it with four matches. Another booster is the Paint Bomb created by matching items in 'L' or 'T' shapes. The Paint Bomb popes in multiple areas around it. When you square four items, you will create a Spray Can. Spray Can also disappear a few items, although not as much as Paint Bomb. A Rainbow is another powerful boost that blows up many symbols of the same shape across the entire chart. In order to increase your power-ups, you must plan the matches.

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Gain Diamonds

Your graffiti journey will continue in different parts of the city. When you complete a wall, you will go to another shop and try to finish the new drawing. As a small clue, I can say that the second shop is a sneaker shop. You are going to paint a huge, eye-catching, and colorful shoe. Each puzzle you enter for the spray cans will be different and challenging. Colorful shapes and boosts will entertain you. In addition, you will have unlimited boosters with the Mod Apk file. As soon as you enter the match-3 puzzle, you will activate the boosters and explode the entire chart in seconds. You will have the number of moves in each match. You gain pink diamonds as extra if you finish the target with fewer moves. You will open the same mystery boxes you see in Subway Surfers with the diamonds you collect and gain the rewards. And if you run out of moves in the game, you can get a few rights by using diamonds.

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Compete with Worldwide

In Subway Surfers Match, you will find characters, quality graphics, items, and many other familiar things. I can say that those who play Subway Surfers can get used to the game immediately. Even some of the boosters you use in puzzles will be the same as in the previous game. Of course, this time, instead of running on the train, you solve puzzles where you use your logic. Puzzles will get harder and more complex, but with your talented supporter, Jack, you will complete them all successfully. There will be not only Jack but also all the characters such as Fresh, Tricky, and Spike. You can feel like you are wandering around the Subway Surfers neighborhood. You will be able to compete with players worldwide. But if you want to spend time with your friends, you can team up and challenge each other. You will have a fantastic gaming experience and compete with everyone with puzzles.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Subway Surfers Match mod apk file, you will have unlimited boosters. This way, you will quickly complete even the most challenging puzzles by activating many power-ups. You will constantly explode items on the chart and quickly gain spray cans. If your friends dare to challenge you, they will regret it at the end of the match.