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Updated : 2022.09.13

Jurassic World Alive Mod Apk is an action game where you will enter battles, find new dinosaurs species, and create your ones. The Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs dominated the world and everything was very different from today's conditions, reminds itself again. Dinanors, which started to appear before 160 million years ago and became extinct, is coming again. Prepare and protect yourself, hunt them and use your intelligence to use their DNA.

You can learn about dinosaur fossils and examine different species by visiting the world-renowned Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. But my advice is to install this game on your android device, which will bring you a little closer to them. Even if you don't go to the age of the dinosaurs, they will come to you. You will see them in your city, parks, and many more places. You will create your collection by collecting their DNA with darts and facing your opponents in one-on-one matches. You will conduct experiments in the laboratory with the DNAs and have exciting experiences.

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What awaits you?

If you are ready to face dinosaurs, hunt them, collect their DNA and change their genetics in Jurassic World Alive, I am starting to talk about details that will excite you. You will manage battles where dinosaurs are vs. dinosaurs. You will put the dinosaurs you choose from the cards on the battlefield and try to beat the enemy. Both sides will have different stamina and type, but with the correct attacks and defenses, you can defeat dinosaurs that are bigger and stronger than you.

You will attack with the left button and follow the health bar shown in the dinosaurs' heads. But the real challenge will begin when both sides choose their abilities simultaneously, and the faster one has the advantage. You must not lose your focus even for a moment, and be alert. The right button has the most effective attack and direct damage. You can strike the final killing blow and defeat your opponent with this one. As you defeat opponents and complete missions, you will gain rewards and progress by getting stronger.

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Create Your Dinosaurs

Put on your lab goggles and prepare to play with genetics in Jurassic World Alive. You will not only enter battles but also search for different types of dinosaurs to collect their DNA and create new species by experimenting in your laboratory. You will search for dinosaurs in different areas of the map, launch your drone and collect samples. You can find dinosaurs in places near you by permitting the game to find your location.

You will discover new creatures and learn all the dinosaurs' names. You will launch from close range and try to hit the target circles shown on the dinosaurs with darts. You will tap and hold the indicator, drag to hit, and hit the marked point. You will follow the top DNA bar and have completed the task after filling the bar. In your collection, if you have the dinosaur cards in green, you can create them in your lab. Increase the numbers of your dinosaurs and have an irresistible army.

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Show Your Strength on the Battlefield

As your dinosaur number increase, you will become more assertive in battles. You will see class differences in competitions and which of your and the opposing team's dinosaurs have an advantage over each other. It will assist you in your attack strategy and enable you to match the dinosaurs accurately in time. You will change your dinosaurs and maintain the upper hand in battle in Jurassic World Alive. By evolving your dinosaurs, you will improve their attack, health, speed, defense, and power.

These buffs will give you significant effects in battles. You will search for new dinosaurs and enter challenging competitions on the big map. You can join campaigns or PVP battles. If you do not want to play alone and build a strong alliance, you can invite your friends or become friends to trade resources with other players. In a world ruled by dinosaurs again, you will recruit them into your team, fight enemies, experiment, and enjoy unique content.

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Realistic Experience

I don't think we will ever get this close to dinosaurs again. You will see more than 100 hundred dinosaur species and create unique ones. Jurassic World Alive will also be extra irresistible for those interested in dinosaurs and Earth's history. Even if you see their fossils in museums, you can't have a journey with them, but thanks to Jurassic World Alive, you will find yourself in a world where different conditions prevail.

You will collect DNA one by one and get excited every time you unlock every majestic-looking dinosaur. You will collect DNA one by one and get excited when you open every majestic-looking dinosaur. Each one of them will be powerful, scary, and gigantic. You will be amazed by the quality graphics, realistic sounds, impressive battle scenes, and detailed game content in Jurassic World Alive. Fun-filled and curious adventures await you.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Jurassic World Alive mod apk file, you have an unlimited battery in the game. This way, you will have a chance to use your drones freely to find new dinosaurs without running out of charge. Complete the levels, win more challenging battles, team up with your friends and develop your dinosaur collection to experience thrilling adventures.