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PickCrafter Mod Apk is a clicker game where you will dig the underground and collect mine resources. Reaching precious stones, gold, and many other materials has never been easier. If you like crafting games, this game will instantly become your favorite. You will progress faster than you have experienced in any game. Tapping the screen without stopping is all you need to set up complete equipment.

Layer by layer, you will dig deeper, get stronger with your newly unlocked pickaxes and abilities, defeat bosses hid in the ground, and turn all the materials you collect into crafts. While the gameplay is so simple, on the contrary, its content is so complex and detailed. Don't think you will get bored just by clicking on the screen because you will encounter new things and improvements every minute

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What awaits you?

You can spend your spare time with a joyful activity that you can enter at any time and enjoy the simple gameplay. Instead of focusing on challenging games and many instructions, it was a perfect choice to click PickCrafter, which will relieve you of stress and will not tire you. If you are ready, I will take you on your journey to the underground depths with your pickaxe.

All you have to do in the game is to click repeatedly. As you keep tapping, you will dig a little more. You can even swing your Android device instead of tapping. You will collect many materials such as dirt, wood, pumpkin, clay, etc. You will complete the blocks and get equipment using them as you gather materials. But you will collect not only valuable mines but also unlock other abilities and tools and go deeper layer by layer. You will fight the Bosses hidden underground and be amazed by what you can do with one click.

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Unlock Pickaxes

Although PickCrafter is not a crafting game you are used to, I am sure you will have more fun than similar games. You will both be entertained and progress faster. PickCrafter has more than ten layers to unlock and move downwards. You will start with plain, and if you are determined enough, you will go to the finish in the last layer.

Many pickaxes will be divided into wide varieties, such as glass, birchwood, topaz, cinnabar, null, etc., and have different futures. You will buy them by providing the necessary materials. With upgrading your pickaxes, you will dig more speedily and deeper and get advantages of unique features. You will complete quests and face bosses. The bosses you encounter will be animals, monsters, etc., and you will try to defeat them. The first boss will be a troublemaker mole. You will try to find it among different moles from the holes dug on the ground and hit it.

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Buy Necessary Gears

In PickCrafter, you will get geared by crafting with the materials you collect by digging. You will buy helmets, chest plates, leggings, leather boots, hoes, pots, etc. With these, you will increase your armor and become more durable. In your chest tree, you will unlock buffs and skills. You can increase your critical strike, pickaxe damage, activate auto-tapping, and many more.

You will also have artifacts that will upgrade your abilities, skills, and inactive features. By clicking on the screen, you will dig for miles, collect many minerals and mines and have a real crafting experience. You will become even more devastating by unlocking many abilities, tools, and speels. Sometimes, you will progress further than you can imagine with just one click.

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Blow Minding Feature

In PickCrafter, as you progress, get stronger, and the game gets more elaborate, this will be the only game you look forward to playing every minute. Even though you are away from a game for a few days, you receive a paks of idle rewards. You should always follow your skill tree and use them wisely. You will unlock blow-minding features, buffs, and helpers.

You will reduce block wall breaks, increase the chance to find abilities, guarantee at least one rare block, and many more. I am sure you are excited now even though you read them only. PickCrafter offers you a real crafting experience with many detailed skills and features. Do not miss this digging experience, hold your pickaxes and collect all the precious metals underground.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the PickCrafter mod apk file, you will never run out of money. This way, you can buy all the pickaxes and gears and unlock many chests. Chests will be full of rewards and filled with everything you need. You will explore the underground filled with biomes, find precious mines by digging, and progress even faster with the abilities you unlock. And you will do all of that just by tapping.