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Updated : 2022.09.04

Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk is a strategy game where you will build defenses and pop all the enemy balloons. There will be no warplanes, no zombies, and no horror scenes. You will play a game based entirely on your strategy and defense mechanism rather than instant action. Your warrior will be determined and playful monkeys who fight with the enemy's balloons.

I am sure most of you have experienced the adventures of monkeys in the previous series of this game. This time you will have more fun and ambition than before. In Bloons TD 5, you will build defenses with monkeys and agents and do not let the ballons pass through the map. You will pop all the balloons that come your way, skip levels and become a legendary player.

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Welcome to the kingdom of the monkeys. The warrior and skeptical monkeys are waiting for you to resist enemy balloons. They don't want to let a single balloon pass. Learn the gameplay now and build your strategy immediately after you download this game to your Android device. On the battlefield, you will have a map with winding roads that you will see from a bird's eye view. Balloons will begin to pass through the path on this map at increased speeds and with frequency.

You will build defenses near the road to blow up all the balances and secure the victory. There will be various options for tower and monkey defense agents such ass dart monkeys, track shooters, ninja monkeys, banana farms, dartling guns, etc. As you pop balloons, you will earn money. This way, you will buy more tower defenses and upgrade the existing ones. You can speed up the game from the side arrow sign at the top. You will get the victory after clearing the invading balloons in all rounds.

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Build a Strong Defense

In Bloons TD 5, the challenges will continue to increase. Balloons of different colors will have different speeds, and you will need to set up better defenses. You can choose the level you will play as easy, medium, hard, impossible, apocalypse, or deflating. But after you get used to the gameplay, I recommend you increase your levels to feel the adrenaline more intense and challenge even more rage-filled balloons with your building strategy. After each round, you will review your defense layout, upgrade, and strengthen your agents.

To earn more cash, you should always add bananas to your map. Banana farm generates bananas automatically. After collecting them, the bananas convert into money. The defenses have unique features and powers. The ice tower will freeze the enemies. The sniper monkey shoots even the farthest balloons. The bomb tower throws devastating bombs, and the spike factory throw pointed needles. There are many more of them that I didn't mention. Learn the strength and range of all of them and create an impassable army.

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Upgrade the Warriors

The upgrades you make in Bloons TD 5 will change the course of the game. When you learn the speed of the balloons, which vary according to their colors, and as you begin to try the challenging levels, it will become crucial to upgrade your defenses. Powerups will be gradual, and you will be able to see what improvement you have made each time.

Dart monkeys' shots will be sharper; their eyesight will increase, and they will use juggernaut. You will increase the range of bomb towers and make the bombs bigger. All of the agents will become stronger and have a maximum capacity. Maintain the peaceful tropical lands where cute monkeys eat bananas and chat with each other and destroy the destructive plans of the enemies. With each victory, you will become stronger and improve your rank.

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Enjoy Different Modes

Bloons TD 5 offers many fun and adventurous modes, so you don't get bored even for a moment. In the usual mode, you will progress through many maps and enjoy unique layouts. Maps full of rabbit holes and snowy or colorful flowers await you. You will even place defenses in a parking lot. In the Odyssey mod, you will try to complete the track before the time expires.

You can join daily challenges, random and special missions, and even create a private match. With Bloons TD 5's quality graphics, fun characters and adventurous modes, you will not realize how your hours have passed and you will be a real ballon popper. You will buy coolest and fanciest monkey warriors and special agents and build resisting and durable defenses. Team up with the monkeys and advance to the highest ranks.

Money Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will never run out of money in the Bloons TD 5 mod apk file. This way, you can buy all the shooter monkeys, gadgets, make upgrades and enjot the game with the powerful defense you build. Even in the first levels, you will be able to place effective defenders and gain all the victories. Experience this unique joyful game and protect the kingdom of monkeys and their lands.