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Wings on Fire Mod Apk is an action game where you will soar through the air with your plane and complete challenging tracks. While we may dream of becoming a truck driver, motor driver, or racer, being a pilot always seems impossible and dreamy. We know that it is complicated to take off a big plane, fly in the vast sky and get used to that mechanics. And I am sure there are certainly among you who want to be a pilot.

In Wings on Fire, you will experience being a real pilot and develop your skill each time on the tracks where there are difficult obstacles. You will unlock the fanciest airplanes, upgrade them and win the Bosses. You will not only get high scores on the tracks but also bombard enemy planes. Wings on Fire will be your indispensable game, and no one will be able to keep up with your speed with the power-ups.

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Let's look at the details if you are ready to take off and burn everything with your wings. An aircraft requires different skills than driving a car or riding a bike. It has its own rules, basics, and mechanics. Before starting your tutorial, you will select controls. You better choose tilt control because the game recommends it. You will tilt the direction you want and fly through different tracks with many obstacles. You will go up, down, and make sharp turns.

A red exclamation point will appear on the screen when an oncoming plane arrives, and you will be alerted accordingly and get out of the way. In my first experience, I thought it was a platform game with similar features to Temple Run. Both have challenging obstacles, many powerups, and different tracks. You will lose when you crash hard, so try to focus and get used to the gameplay quickly. After each round, you will see your scores, coin earned, and distance. Break your record each time and test your skills.

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Complete Missions

As your rank increases in Wings on Fire, you will unlock levels from easy to nightmare and fly through more challenging platforms. Before each trial, you can buy no power-down, head start, double coins, score booster, and repair. They are useful for you to start fast and strong. A hit point, armor, and fuel bar will be on the left top. You have to watch them and try not to lower the rates. When your fuel is low, you collect them on the tracks to keep flying. The low armor will lead you to take more damage, so you should repair it often.

You will not lose on one hit, but if you do one after another, your hit point reduces to zero, and then you lose. Check the status of your airplane, successfully dodge sharp and rapidly changing obstacles, and complete missions. Missions will be diverse such as dying between 6-8 miles, repairing the plane, don't collect any coin in 4 miles, etc. You will complete the missions, prepare for more complex platforms, and have a unique flying experience.

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Use Power-Ups

You will use many powerful and protective power-ups in Wings on Fire. You will progress along the track by collecting both gold and power-ups. Coin magnets will automatically collect all the money. Double scores will give you higher points, and my favorite, the speedy pilot, will make you fly like fireworks. Save me will provide you with one more chance to keep playing.

These abilities and other ones that I didn't mention are upgradable. With upgrades, you will buff their skills. On the tracks, you will also encounter traps and dangerous gadgets. You should dodge them and make a flawless fly. Luckily, with the mod apk file, you will be able to maximize all the powerups. On the tracks will be impossible for you to fail.

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Buy the Coolest Airplanes

In Wings on Fire, you will buy powerful and cool-looking planes. All models have different colors, broad and posh wings, and power levels. You can buy your favorites and show them off on platforms. Even if your plain's power levels are not maximized, you can upgrade them. You will complete many missions, go further each time and try to break your record. You will use power-ups and face the Bosses.

When you reach that mile, all the action will begin. You will try to shoot the Boss airplanes, dodge its fire and still try to fly through the track. Make your maneuvers fast and destroy the enemy. Wings on Fire has quality graphics, impressive boost effects, realistic flying mechanics, and a fantastic collection of airplanes. With these features, this game will be among your favorite games on your Android device, and you will experience being a pilot on the most challenging tracks and competing with Bosses.

Money Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Wings on Fire mod apk file, you will have unlimited money in the game. This way, you can buy all the most fantastic airplanes, use power-ups and compete with challenging tracks more advantageously, even in the first levels. Many challenging levels, Boss fights, upgrades, and unique content will amaze you every minute. You will never want to leave the game and fly for hours.