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Jackal Squad Mod Apk is an action game where you will drive armed tanks, get into the enemy's territory and shoot the enemies. The game brings you back to the 80s, offering a nostalgic experience. Jackal is a video game that was released in 1986 and resonated all over the world. The Jackal unit is a group of four soldiers that are commissioned to rescue prisoners of the war.

Inspired by this, Jackal Squad again offers you adrenaline-filled, challenging, ruthless, and based on your shooting skills gameplay. You will use many armed vehicles, trap the enemy territory, target and shoot the enemies and save all the hostages. As a soldier, you will cope with every difficulty, rough terrain, and brutal enemy group and go to the end without giving up.

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If you are ready to show off all your skills in Jackal Squad, turn into a ruthless soldier, and have a unique arcade shooting experience, let's look at the action-filled details. A soldier must know what he is fighting for and hold grudges against the enemies. Your story starts in World War II, and your comrade in arms is a hostage in the hands of the enemy.

Now the war is even more crucial for you. Jackal Squad is sent to rescue the hostages and blow out the enemy territory. Now, you have to learn the gameplay as quickly as possible and shoot all the enemies in the base. You will drive your armed jeep with a joystick and follow the flags. You will get close to the targets to attack and always aim at the closest one. There will be no extra shoot button, so you will directly shoot when you determine your target. All your focus should be on driving your tank, making quick maneuvers, and chasing and targetting the enemies.

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Destroy Enemy Base

In Jackal Squad, you destroy all bases and buildings, kill enemies, and save hostages and comrades. When you reach the prisons, airplanes, or other buildings they keep hostages, you will save hostages and get them in your tank. You will dodge their fires and missiles as you shoot. You will need to use both your attack and defenses.

You will unlock many abilities on the way and use them to boost your skills. As you progress, enemy defenses and soldiers will be more intense and challenging. You can choose the difficulty level as easy, normal, and hard. After completing each mission successfully, you will gain rewards. There will be many chapters in the game with different territories and environments. Even in The Silence of the Sea, you will sail on a warship over the sea and fight enemies on ice floes. Master your skills, complete levels, and unlock new chapters to join more thrilling battles.

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Upgrade Your Abilities

In Jackal Squad, you will gain many abilities that will take you further, prevent you from being destroyed and strengthen. As you blow up the buildings and save hostages, you will gain many boosts such as ice strike, guardian, crit master, berserker, attack speed, hp boost, and many more. When you are about to die, a hp boost will save your life, or when the base is full of too many enemies, attack speed and crit master will help you destroy much faster and show your agility.

There is also a talent section in the game where you get random talents to get permanent strong. You can open the slots and gain power, strength, time reward, etc. They will increase your damage, health points, and coin per time and provide the stamina and agility needed to become an invincible soldier.

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Nostalgic and Impressive Graphics

Another thing you can do in Jackal Squad is to buy new jeeps and weapons and upgrade them. Many tanks, jeeps, trucks, batmobile, basher, etc., will have unique features. They all give you strong abilities such as a %20 chance to paralyze the enemy, a %30 electrifying the enemies, and firing two bullets in tandem to damage. As you unlock more vehicles, you will be unstoppable. You will also buy light and machine guns and upgrade them with blueprints.

Jackal Squad will be a game on your Android phone where you will have a lot of fun and get extreme action. Jackal Squad has nostalgic graphics with an old vibe, impressive action scenes, and endless battlefields. With the levels you constantly pass and the new chapters you open, you will become more ambitious in each new adventure, enter many bases, blow them up, save comrades, and become a legendary soldier.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Jackal Squad mod apk file, you will have unlimited money in the game. This way, you can buy all the tanks and weapons, make upgrades, be reborn on the battlefield, and never lose. Even in the first levels, you can make a strong start and destroy the enemy groups quickly. Pass the exciting chapters, save the hostages and blow out every base you encounter.