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Kick the Boss Mod Apk is an action game where you will hit and shoot a rag doll and try to destroy it. I am sure you have all heard of Kick the Buddy. I think we have opened this game at least once in our life and relieved all our stress with it when we have reached the nerve limit where we want to break everything at home. This new game made by the same producer makes it even more possible for you.

If you are more energetic or angry than ever before, Kick the Boss is ready for you. This time you will have more weapons, punches, gadgets, and options than you can imagine. You can throw off your aggression with your annoying boss by attacking with all your might.  You will throw eggs, nails, wheels, hit with rifles, and even throw bats at your enemy. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

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I think you need to be angry enough first to make great destruction in Kick the Boss. Imagine working all day or studying and getting tired after a big day. And either your boss or your teacher comes to you and says you are useless and have been idle all day. At that moment, I think you are estimating the anger that you will feel. In the game, you will have a similar experience.

You are an employee, and your boss is a liar and annoying. As soon as you meet him, he repeatedly shouts and insults you. Your first move will be to slap your boss, who never shuts up, one after the other. But he will never give up and will continue to annoy you. The angrier you get, you will have more fun. You will earn money with each hit and collect the reward at the end by filling the top bar.

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Show Your Rage

In Kick the Boss, you will prove the destructive results of bad speech, rudeness, and arrogance and defeat your boss. You will smash all over his face as your boss keeps threatening you. You could even cause an electric shock and burn his hair by throwing him at an electric lamp. Since he is already a rag doll boss, he will be refreshed at every level as if nothing had happened, making you even angrier. You will smash him with your weapon when you enter rage mode with your fiery bullets.

And even in that state, he will ask you, "Are you tired?" If you throw him into the cactus and throw TNT at his head, I think we will all be relieved. Every time you move your katana, the surroundings will turn into a bloodbath, and you will see how much it needs to be filled to switch to range mode in the bar on the left. In Rage mode, you will hit like crazy and deal big damage.

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Destructive Weapons

Kick the Boss will have plenty of weapon options to keep you entertained, and you will not get bored by constantly switching to a new attacker. In the firearms section, you will find many weapons such as Beretta, Uzi, M16, AK47, etc. You will aim with your gun and shoot the doll from all over. Cold weapons have more blood and brutality options, such as mace, shurikens, sword, and katana. Buzzsaw is my favorite among them. I am sure you will be relieved when you attack with it.

The group that has the most damage is explosives. You will throw and fire grenades, TNTs, bombs, missiles, etc. Imagine putting in 20 explosives and detonating them at the same time. Your boss won't be able to see through the blood, and he will be smashed all over. That is an absolute rage scene without mercy.

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Unique Content

Kick the Boss has quality graphics, vivid and entertaining effects, and unique content. Thanks to this unique content, you will experience a different excitement than other games and spend moments relaxing by relieving all your stress. With many kinds of weapons, explosives, and more, you will smack your annoying boss, who doesn't mind for a second.

The fact that the character in the game is a rag doll will prevent the game from being violent, and your only focus will be having fun. You can enter even in the shortest time intervals and suddenly leave your Android device at any time without any risk, such as leveling down. Kick the Boss, which is both a simple and practical game, wants nothing more than to be a platform that entertains you and throws all your energy away. Experience this game and show how you resist when you get angry.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Kick the Boss mod apk file. This way, you can attack your boss endlessly, use all types of weapons freely, and show your rage at maximum level. You will have more options than you have in other games, take all your anger out of your rag doll boss, and smash every part of him.