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Scary Neighbour Mod Apk is a casual game where you will sneak into your neighbor's house and make them crazy by making all kinds of traps and becoming an ultimate trouble-maker. If you are angry with someone that day or feel bored, you can be sure that you will stay in the game for hours, and your whole day will be a fun opportunity for gaming.

In Scary Neighbor, you will also enter the houses and gardens of different neighbors and have fun by setting up many traps. You will have them knocked down, electrocuted, pinned to the ground with glue, going after them, annoying them, and making sure they don't find you by being invisible and hiding. You will watch their footstep, act like a ghost, and advance to more challenging and fun levels.

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If you are ready for your adrenaline and mischievous adventure in Scary Neighborhood, let's talk about exciting details. Your neighbor is big, bulky, and strong, so you had better try not to get caught sneaking around in his house. A red orbital area will be around him, showing the distance he can see and notice. You will go around and do your actions without getting in his sight.

Otherwise, he will beat and scold you. You will start your journey in the house and drag your character to move. Your neighbor will continue his daily life, wander around the house, enter other rooms, eat, etc. In your first level, you will grab tools, take them to the electrical contact, set the trap, and hide until he comes to the room. When he comes and touches the trap, he will be electrocuted. You will be happy with your victory and the prank you have done, while he will shout and go crazy.

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Set-up Annoying Traps

Your adventure in Scary Neighbor will never end, and you will challenge your prank skills with more challenging levels each time. While you are setting up many traps and creating trouble in the house, the house owners will not be able to realize what happened, and they will get even angrier because they can't find you. You will put mousetrap into the mailbox, put explosives in the oven, spread glue on the floor, ruin his bed and TV by drawing shapes, put a banana peel on the floor, and loosen its adjustments the chair falls.

Of course, these are just some of the traps you will set. You will make bigger and more tricky ones and even encounter neighbors who will change. But if you get caught doing all this, you may regret it after the beatings you experience. Therefore, you should be careful and never get caught using the hiding areas in the house well.

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Unlock Character Skins

The rooms, houses, and environment you will enter will change in Scary Neighborhood. For this reason, memorizing your hiding points or creating tactics for yourself will not work. However, you can move faster and freer and escape easily by using the invisibility power-ups that come out at intervals. Sometimes you will encounter unexpected obstacles, such as a dog barking at you and indicating your location. You will be chasing in even the garden, snack through houses, and set multiple traps.

As you progress levels, you will unlock new skins which are colorful, vivid, and diverse from each other. Your character will look like a well-dressed and energetic street kid despite being a total criminal, making the old and grumpy neighbors more uncomfortable. I don't think adults who see this game will ever leave their garden doors and windows open again. If you dive into their windows, it will take days for them to catch and throw you out.

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Quality and Vivid Graphics

Scary Neighbour has quality 3D graphics, impressive animations, and addictive gameplay. You will have a different experience from the games you play all the time and wish your mischief could be hidden too in real life. You will put hot spices in the food and burn your neighbor, put balls on the ground, slide around, make fun of him while you are invisible, blow up the oven, and try to finish the level successfully by avoiding the host's dog and appearing spots.

You will increase your luck by using power-ups and gain a new look with unlocked clothes as you complete the levels. With each chapter getting harder, different obstacles and challenges will come up, and the host will aim to catch you, watchful like never before. Improve your hiding and chasing skills and be a legendary unstoppable troublemaker.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Scary Neighbour mod apk file offers you unlimited money in the game. In this way, you can use power-ups and become unstoppable and unnoticeable. You will piss off all your neighbors and laugh at the traps they have caught. You should hide and sneak through every house corner to build the best pranks.