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Traffic Racer Mod Apk is a fun car game where you will try to reach the longest distance by overtaking the vehicles in front of you. Basically, your goal in the game is to cover the longest distance and collect the highest score. For this, you must overtake the vehicles you are driving in the same lane and proceed from the opposite lane when you see it empty. You can earn 2 times more points when you move from the opposite lane.

Traffic Racer, produced by Soner Kara, has many car models. You can paint cars, change or improve their wheels. I would like to talk about improvements under a separate heading. Now, I would like to tell you what you need to do in the gameplay part and how to collect more points.

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Let's Check Out Traffic Racer

First of all, when you start the game, you will see an area on the top left of the screen showing your current score. Your goal is to keep the score here as high as possible. If you want to earn extra points, you have to overtake the vehicles. The closer you are to the vehicle you are overtaking, the more points you earn. You will also have the chance to earn extra points when you advance from the opposite lane.

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I told you what you need to do to earn extra points in the Traffic Racer game. However, ı want to point out that the things I described are quite dangerous and require practice Because when you have an accident, everything will be over for you and your score will be determined. That's why your first goal should be to avoid crashing before earning extra points. When you move forward without an accident, you are already on an endless road.

Of course, it is not possible to move forward on an endless road at the same speed all the time. As your score and the distance you go, the speed of the vehicles increases and you start to see more vehicles on the screen. So all of a sudden there's traffic. Here it becomes much more difficult for you to move forward without hitting other vehicles.

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Vehicle Upgrades and Modifications

You can develop under 3 main headings for all the vehicles you will buy in the game. These are listed as speed, handling and braking. Under the Upgrade menu, you can upgrade all 3 improvements one by one and add speed to your speed. You also have the chance to modify all the vehicles you buy in the game. You can paint your car a beautiful color and draw all the attention to yourself with air exhaust and tires.

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Try Fun Game Modes

Traffic Racer has 5 different game modes. In the endless mode, which is the first of these modes, you try to progress along a never-ending road and get the highest score. Although the second mode is exactly the same as the first mode, it contains the double lane logic. The only difference is whether there are roundtrip lanes or not. In the time trial mode, which is another mode, you try to reach the longest distance until the time runs out. In free driving, which is my favorite mode, you can drive with pleasure without encountering any bets or difficulties. Finally, in the escape mode from the police, you will have to speed up to avoid being caught.

Money Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with the Traffic Racer mod apk file. In this way, you can buy all the vehicles in the game, maximize the 3 improvements of the vehicle you bought and modify it as you wish. If you need speed and a little action, if you are looking for a game that you will enjoy every second of the day, you should definitely give Traffic Racer a chance.