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3D Driving Class Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will both join driving tests and drive freely on the streets. 3D Driving Class differs from many games with its modes and controls. You will learn or repeat and test the traffic rules that all drivers should know in real life. You will drive luxurious cars, drives freely on modes, control your hero, and have endless fun.

In 3D Driving Class, you will try one after the other, always go back to the beginning of any mistakes, and try to open the chapters. You will be defeated in one mistake, crush or rule break and try to be a flawless driver. Besides your career, you will also be able to show your performance in the Free Driving Mode. You will find many impressive cars in the garage, customize and buy them. Have the highest score for a driver, feel the adrenaline, and get excited with unique features.

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In the 3D Driving Class, you will learn the game's controls before speeding directly. 3D Driving Class offers the most precise controls I have ever seen and gives every detail and indicator to which a real driver would pay attention. There will be brake and gas pedals, steering wheel, side and rear view mirrors, gear, a map, gas bar, km/h indicator, and many more buttons.

You will fasten your seat belt, hold the brake to start your engine, hear the exhaust, get excited, release the brake, press the gas, and start driving. Even on your first ride, you will feel like you are in the car and be excited about your adventure in the game. Controls may seem a little complex initially, but when you get used to them, they will ensure the best realistic experience. You will even hear the sensors when parking or getting close to obstacles. You can change the camera view and control everything to perform flawless driving.

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Obey the Traffic Rules

In 3D Driving Class, you will proceed step by step as if you have just started driving a car. You will obey all traffic rules and act like a driver candidate. You will be disqualification when you cross the center line, enter the pedestrian road, exceed the specified maximum speed, cross the red traffic light, and many more. You will also lose score points when you make faults such as directing the wrong signal point or changing lanes without warning. The game will tell you the way you need to turn and follow.

Even if you make a small mistake, you can return to the beginning or reduce your chances of losing points. Of course, although this is not a real driving license test, if there are any of you prepare for this test in real life, this game can be helpful for you to remember the controls, rules, and action sequence. You won't believe how many times I went back to overcome the first 200 meters in the 3D Driving Class. This game is irresistible for ambitious, passionate, and challenger seeker players.

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Play Different Modes

There are three modes in the 3D Driving Class: Free Driving, Course Test, and Road Driving. In Road Driving, you will learn all the controls, and when you move to the Course Test, you will obey the rules and perform a qualification driving and pass the levels one by one. But if you want to break the rules a little and have a free driving experience, you can choose the Free Driving mode.

You can accelerate as much as you want without any limitations, restart, scores, etc., showing your maneuvers and enjoy driving purely. For each mode, you can select many maps such as driving school, ocean park, ring road, villa, etc. The scenery and environment are realistic, bright, detailed, and unique. You will enjoy them separately and never get bored with the many options. Whether you can drive freely or unlock locked levels, you will get more and more excited each time.

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Unlock Eye-catching Vehicles

It is impossible not to buy and customize your vehicles in car games. But in 3D Driving Class, you will do it in the most luxurious, stylish, and impressive way. You will find many luxuries, epic, and various types of cars. You can drive supercars, trucks, buses, standard vehicles, a Ferrari, or even a motorcycle. The details of the cars are realistic and dazzling. You can even find your favorite vehicle and change the color. I am sure you will be impressed by the discoloration scene.

Each part of the car will move and change color in harmony. You will open sports cars' top and side doors and move their windshields. You will want to buy many cars and even dream of them in reality. 3D Driving Class will be your indispensable game on your android device, and you will constantly test your skills. You can learn the rules, do all the parking tasks and challenges, or experience driving freely with your stunning cars. Do not miss this game and challenge yourself on many maps.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the 3D Driving Class mod apk file all locks will be open in the game. This way, you can buy all the vehicles and enjoy the different modes freely. You will take tests similar to a real driver's license, complete the chapters and drive the most luxurious cars. Sometimes you will be a good student, but sometimes be a rule breaker. You can both enjoy driving freely on the streets or completing parking missions.