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Gunship Strike 3D Mod Apk is an action game where you will become an ultimate combat pilot and launch an attack on the enemy's military. We played many shooting, action, and tank games, but how many times have we fought in helicopters that send missiles destroying enemy territory? This time you will fight, use deadly helicopters, launch airstrikes and be proud in war-torn enemy lands.

In Gunship Strike 3D, you will attack enemy troops and their towers in many destinations by sending missiles, bombs, and shooting with machine guns. You will unlock many powerful aircraft, equip more brutal weapons, upgrade your damage, and be an unstoppable warrior. There will also be many challenging missions in different territories and Boss mode for high-risk lovers.

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If you are ready to strike fear into enemy territory and set fire to everything, let's discuss the gameplay details. You will use D-Pad to move your helicopter, use attack buttons for the shoot, and see your task information on the top right and radar information on the map. The gravity will change the visual angles so you can tilt your Android device to control the directions.

You will see the enemies and their towers among the mountains, try to dodge the incoming fires, and shoot all the enemies. After clearing a specific area, you will control the radar map and head to the side of the other troops. You will complete the missions and earn coins with each enemy you hit. Although it is difficult to use a combat helicopter at first, you will get used to its mechanics over time, aim well, and shoot successfully, even from a distance.

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Complete the Missions

When you complete each mission in Gunship Strike 3D, you will be assigned to the next destination and overcome all kinds of challenges throughout the long map. In tasks, you will raid naval bases, shoot warships, attack the bases established on the sea shores, destroy the towers hidden between the mountains and clean out many maps from fierce enemies. After you complete chapter I, improve your combat helicopter skills and get stronger, you will unlock Boss mode.

Everything will be bloody, challenging, and brutal in this mode. If you do not improve your equipment, you will crash to the ground. You can show off your skills, launch strıngest missiles and challenge yourself with hard-to-pass levels. Every boss you destroy, you will get rewards and unlock more journeys. No one will be able to compete with your quick reflexes and maneuvers, and you will shoot the enemies on the whole map one by one without taking any damage.

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Purchase Powerful Helicopters

As you progress in Gunship Strike 3D, you will encounter more fierce, and it will be more challenging to capture enemy units. Therefore, you need to equip more powerful combat helicopters and improve your damage with more weapons. You can buy eight helicopters with different HP, speed, agility, and auto aim rates.

When you go sequentially, your right to equip a weapon increases and your shots are diversified. Depending on the missions, you can buy helicopters, or even in the first chapters, if you want to defeat the enemies quickly and show off with the shots you make, you can buy the most powerful, namely the last helicopter. You will have five weapons in the Hunter model helicopter. Besides other players, you can buy the Hunter easily with the mod apk file and use your unlimited money to get ahead of everyone.

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Unlock New Weapons

You can buy weapons with different types, DPS, range, and clips. You can also upgrade these features and make them more lethal. Every bullet, bomb, or missile you throw will hit the enemies, and you will be victorious with your mighty equipment power even in brutal conflicts. Gunship Strike 3D has quality graphics, realistic battle scenes, impressive sound effects, and detailed content.

With different modes, you can enter another adventure at any time and become more and more adept at the game every minute. Maybe you will try a helicopter ride that you will never experience again, and not only that, you will be a crucial warrior in a fierce war. You will make successful attack operations, deadly airstrikes, fire with your machine guns, and destroy all the enemy bases.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Gunship Strike 3D mod apk file. This way, you can buy all the powerful helicopters, upgrade their stats of durability and attack and have more weapons to shoot the enemies. You will experience a never-ending action where you will both use a gunship and attack enemy territory and destroy all their defenses.