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Criminal Case Mod Apk is an adventure game where you will be a detective and solve many mysterious crimes in the city. If you like movies and books with content such as thrillers, crime, detectives, murderers, etc., you can be sure that you will enjoy this game very much. While watching something, I am sure you feel the excitement at the highest level when you find the killer with all the clues in your mind and the connections you made. You will feel this moment much more deeply and filled with adrenaline thanks to this mobile game and write your own masterpiece story.

In Criminal Case, you will investigate many brutal crimes and try to find the murderers. You will search crime scenes for clues, collect items, examine them in the laboratory, connect all the evidence and find the criminals. With each successful mission, you will gain rewards, become more professional and make your name known in the police force.

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In Criminal Case, you will enter a criminal world full of murderers and dead bodies, reveal all your investigative spirit and become a legendary detective who can catch clues from the most invisible details. You will do all kinds of investigations, work with polices, and jail all the criminals in the city. Your first task will be to go to the crime scene where a young woman is found dead.

In your first investigative, you should keep your focus and not miss any clue. You will check and collect everything at the crime scene, from newspapers, cars, bikes, and even cigarettes, and find hidden items. If you have a hard time at first as a newbie, you can get help from the button at the bottom right. But I'm sure you will adapt quickly and focus determinedly on crimes.

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Investigate the Crime Scene

You will be a successful detective when you combine clues that others cannot find and solve mysterious cases that no one else can. How do we know that maybe a hidden Sherlock Holmes inside you won't be revealed? You should examine everything and prove your investigation skills if you are confident. You can zoom in to view all the items in the crime scenes in detail or zoom out to view the whole area.

It will write the items you need to find in each scene. You will move on to the next chapter and collect the rewards when you find them. You will send the victim's body to the autopsy and take a report. Many things will be crucial, such as whether the killer committed the crime with the right hand, the location of the victim's wound, and the murder weapon. You shouldn't dismiss anything as unimportant and should add everything to your investigation file.

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Complete Cases Successfully

Police officers in the city will also assist you with evidence and clues they find. In Criminal Case, each case will be more challenging, complex, and difficult to solve. You will sometimes repair or assemble essential items you find. As you progress in that case and collect enough evidence, you will find the criminal among the suspects, complete the mission successfully, and even earn medals. You can follow your next stop on the map and check in which part of the city a dead body is waiting for you.

Each time, you will encounter more brutal, bloody, complex, difficult-to-solve cases. The murderers will push you to the limit, and you will not let go of them with the testimonies of the witnesses and the evidence your collect. Sometimes multiple bodies will be linked to a single killer. For this reason, you will take teammates with you and investigate many crime scenes.

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Never-ending Action

In Criminal Case, you will have a realistic detective experience with every detail, scene, case, murderer, and challenging mission. Like an ultimate detective, you will question everything that comes your way, collect even the most meaningless items and send them to the laboratory, and use every clue that brings you closer to the criminal.

As you move deeper into the city, the missions will become complex, and it will become more difficult to find what you are looking for in bloody crime scenes. Criminal Case has quality and dark graphics, realistic crime stories, brutal content, and action-packed missions. Improve your investigating skills and never give up before sending the killers to jail. Become the best detective in the city and strike fear in the criminal world.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited energy and hints in the Criminal Case mod apk file. This way, you can solve all the crimes fastly and make a remarkable start to your career. Your entire focus can be on the crime scene, clues, and murderers, and you don't have to think about anything else. You will solve cases that no one else can do but you, examine the details of the deaths chained together, and reveal the mysteries.