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Updated : 2022.09.05

BitLife - Life Simulator Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will create and manage lives. I can say that you will have a very different experience from the usual simulation games. Because this time, you will run the whole life of your characters only through dialogs, notifications, and options. You will make critical choices, build a family and carry on their life even if you have never seen them.

In BitLife - Life Simulator, you will shape the characters' lives from infancy, creating their characters, appearances, relationships, careers, and personalities. You can teleport to a few years ago, have plastic surgery, change your gender, become a murderer, a thief, a successful lawyer, etc. You will be able to create everyone and everything in your dreams and addictive in a completely different world.

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You will start your adventure by choosing the person you want to be the first in BitLife - Life Simulator. Your new life will begin with your newborn phase. You will see a lot of information about where you were born, your zodiac sign, your date of birth, your mother, your father, your brother, etc. And there will be bars on the bottom that shows your happiness, health, smarts, and looks stats.

You can see your relationships, person lists, activities, and assets. You will age up by clicking the plus button. You can spend time with your parents, start conversations, go to school, and even select to study hard. You can be sure that you will build a real life and take care of all the details. But if you ask me, the aspect that makes this game the most interesting is that everyone lives with writings, pictures, directives, and tables. You will rule their entire lives even when you can't see them. Isn't it fascinating?

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Build Your Life

You will create new lives, make friends, have a love life, start a carrier and do many more. At an early age, you will go to school, make your first friends, and struggle with difficulties in school. Sometimes you will get sick and go to the doctor. There will be many options in the activities section. You will visit the doctor, go horse tracks, get a license, care for a pet, go shopping, and manage your social media. These are just some of them; you will even commit crimes such as burglar, mischief, and shoplifting.

You can shape your life how you want to be. You can travel back 1, 3, or 5 years ago and build her life completely different. I guess we have all wanted to go back once in our lives. If you seek entertainment, you can visit the casino and clubs and liven up your nightlife. It is a free opwn world that expect everyone.

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Pay Attention to Your Career

In BitLife - Life Simulator, you can experience even the most distant lives, create completely different characters and enter the global leaderboard with your highest age. There will be many collectibles such as achievements, careers, live challenges, and ribbons. Some of them give you longevity, wealth, and career success.

To live a happy, wealthy, and long life, you must track your characters' stats, pay close attention to their wishes and predicament, and ensure that every choice you make fits your desired life plan. If you don't want an extreme life like a notorious criminal etc., you should be careful with your career and relationships. To lead a peaceful life, you must earn well, hang out with successful people, and get help from wise friends.

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Have a Large Family

In BitLife - Life Simulator, you might think you are in a simulation without real dialogues, relationships, and emotions. Fortunately, everything in the game will be realistic, and you will even be able to create large families full of love. At first, you will establish a love life, get along well with someone and get married when you both want to be side by side. You can have children or adopt.

You will manage everyone in the vast family, direct the lives of all of them, and you will not be able to leave your Android device for hours to get lost among lives. BitLife - Life Simulator has quality graphics, impressively detailed content, and real-life choices. This game, which differs from other games where you manage lives with its features and gameplay, will give you a unique experience. You can be a serial killer, musician, ballerina, prosecutor, judge, dentist, captain, and many more. Decide which ones you will want and start playing.

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You will have all locks open in the BitLife - Life Simulator mod apk file. This way, you can play the game without any barriers between you and the life you want to experience, try all options, and get lost in thousands of lives. You will build a family, get many jobs, improve yourself, and sometimes even lose control and go to jail.