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Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk is an action game where you will be responsible for and training troublesome and clumsy ninja. If you don't know who the ninjas are, they are agents skilled in the Japanese art of ninjutsu. Normally, with their quick reflexes, they knock you out before you even realize what's happening. But this time, things are a bit different.

Although your character is a ninja, he is not fully aware of his abilities and is the most clumsy person you will ever see. In Clumsy Ninja, you will practice together and improve his skill and capacity with training and gadgets. You will unlock more features each day, play and spend time with joy, and have a unique gaming experience.

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If you are ready to meet the Clumsy Ninja and get in big trouble, let's talk about exciting details. I may be exaggerating when I say big trouble because at the same time you can be sure that you will spend hours laughing and having fun. Before we start, I must warn you that he is very clumsy and playful. He will need you very much in everything.

Even when you are not in the game, you will be curious about him and wonder what he is doing. With every action you make in the game, you will complete missions. First, you will lift, shake and control him. You will collect level and XP when you make each action. You will somersault him, fly in the air, and make many moves using the gadgets at the bottom below. There will be balloons, potions, hoops, guns, etc. Day by day, your ninja will become a more skillful and good fighter. You will practice and train with him to do better each time.

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Train Your Ninja

Gadgets and features you can use in Clumsy Ninja will be diverse. You will use two balloons to lift him. You will inflate the balloons slowly and tide them to his hands and feet. You will pop all the balloons when he is up and make him fall. Don't worry; it won't hurt. You will not do anything to harm him in this game. On the contrary, if you make him somersault in the air without stopping, you will gain XP in a row. Of course, it won't be all about fun.

At the same time, you must strengthen him and ensure he has the necessary strength to become a ninja. First, you can power his leg muscles by buying a trampoline. With each progress, you will unlock more moves. Your ninja will come and high-five you, delighting in everything he learns. The number of yellow stars on items will be shown how many moves are unlocked. You will level up quickly because the task will be diverse and not hard to learn.

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Improve His Skills

One of my favorite features of Clumsy Ninja is including a story in the game. You will unlock photos as you level up in the book section. Each photograph will open a video showing history related to the picture's story. The first story will be about Kira, a friend of your ninja. He misses her so much because she disappeared after being attacked by an enemy with swords.

Now, he wants to find her. But to do it, you have to work and train hard to make him capable of fighting with enemies. You will buy rice sacks and start practicing. He will learn to throw powerful punches and kicks, maneuver against the enemy, and stand back and defend himself. You will see his path earn from the poster hanging on the wall. When he progresses enough and trains well, he will earn his first belt from the master teacher and complete the first stage in his path.

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Unlock Characters

Many well-designed and colorful clothes await him in the closet section. You can buy him different looks or change his wearings. You can change the suit color, and buy new belts and accessories. You can also unlock Lily at level 5 and Kira at 52 and continue your journey with different characters. There will be a camera icon on the top of the screen.

Isn't it such a weird thing that there is a top model camera exiting at that time? But what's not strange in the game anyway? After all, our ninja is a clumsy but sweet troublemaker. When you unlock the potion section, you will get excited. All potions have a lot of joyful and different features. Tornado will make ninja spin non-stoppable. Dizzy will make it hard to stay on his feet, and freeze will frostbite anyone. And these are just some. In the world of Clumsy Ninja, you will meet many surprises and have more fun with each new adventure.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Clumsy Ninja mod apk file. This way, you can purchase all the equipment, items, potions, and many features. You can customize your ninja and complete the missions successfully to advance in the story. It will become your favorite game on your Android device, and you will spend hours with fun.