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My Friend Pedro Mod Apk is an action game where you will be in a world where behind every door full of brutal enemies will see. At first, you will be surprised where you will be with guns in your hands. Just as you think you are guilty and are thinking of running away, you will meet Pedro, who says he is your friend. He is actually a banana.

I don't know if you will be happy or not to meet Pedro in the game. Because while the banana will lead you to breathtaking adrenaline-filled adventures, it will also cause you a lot of trouble. You will move through challenging levels, shoot enemies and practice many maneuvers. You will not be able to rest even for a moment, and you will always go after more difficult tasks.

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What is the Story?

In My Friend Pedro, your adventure, starting like the opening scene of a movie, will be one of your unique experiences ever. You will find yourself entering a building with weapons in hand. You will realize that you are not so innocent of your appearance. Before you know what it is, a banana will appear in front of you.

A banana that flies makes noises and has a worried face. It is Pedro. It will start to talk to you and explain what is going on. Pedro's wife and two kids have been kidnapped. It asked for your help to find them before something bad happened. But you don't have much time. You will have to use your maneuvers, agility, and shooting skills at the maximum level to save them. You will destroy everything that comes your way, jump, spin, drive, kill the enemies and take banana's revenge. Many challenging levels, complex parkours, and traps will await you.

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In My Friend Pedro, you will experience all kinds of action and encounter adrenaline-filled challenges. To go to the other platforms and departments to see what is there, let's check the controls. The gameplay is hard to learn at just the beginning but when you get used to it you will move like a Speedy Gonzales. You will drag your character to the opposite direction that you want to jump or roll.

Yellow directions will appear on the ground as you perform the appropriate maneuver for the area. You will choose the right angle according to them. Before you face with enemies you should practice jumping. When you see a target or an item to shoot you will click on it. When there will a two wall that parallel and long and you will make wall sliding. Pedro will meet you throughout the adventure and sometimes warn you of possible dangers. I am sure you will be proud and happy when you reunite him with its family.

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Destroy the Enemies

Pedro will appear in front of you as you practice and jump on the walls. It will warn you when you are about to meet your first fellow in the My Friend Pedro. Your enemies will be ruthless old town mobsters that commit crimes more than your age. They control the whole place, so you must be careful and watch your steps. You must aim and shoot before the enemy sees you.

Even if the enemy raises his gun, he must die before he can hit you. While blowing out your first enemy, you will see slow-motion action scenes and feel like you are an actor in a John Wick movie. You will be impressed and enjoy watching your character's quick reflexes and maneuvers as in a high-production movie. Kidnappers will get higher in number and more dangerous with each level. Sometimes you will kill them all simultaneously by blowing up some boxes and completing even the most challenging missions with acrobatic moves.

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Save Banana Family

In My Friend Pedro, with every step, you will get closer to finding Pedro's children and his wife and do your best to see them happy. There are many question marks about Pedro, who is simply a banana. Of course, you don't expect a banana to appear in front of you in such an action game. There are even YouTube videos about Pedro and the banana family mystery.

But I believe it is easier to accept and listen to the banana along the way. Besides, I was tired of the zombies and soldiers I encountered in every game. My Friend Pedro has quality and vivid graphics, impressive slow-motion action scenes, and never-ending adrenalin. You will perform a variety of maneuvers and shooting skills. You can even change the game mode to blood rush and enter a bloody and greedy experience. You will avenge the Banana family and show your enemies in a deadly way what they have caused.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The My Friend Pedro mod apk file offers all locks open in the game. This way, you can enjoy the game freely without limiting yourself. You will feel the action every second, be motivated by thinking that you are in a movie with slow-motion shooting scenes, and you will not give up until you find Pedro's family. You will listen to Pedro's clues, make the best shots, and complete missions.