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Dragon Hills Mod Apk is an action game where you will become a dragon hero and save the princess from enemies. This adventure, in which you will start as a dragon after playing games in the same genres you play all the time, will give you a unique and fun-filled experience. There will be no fast cars, racing enemies, or sniper missions. Instead, your only focus will be on getting the princess to the exit gates.

In Dragon Hills, you will pass many villages, lambs, and houses along the way and dodge dangerous traps and enemies. Lavas, armed soldiers, blade traps, and more will be in the mountains to prevent you from saving the princess. You will unlock powerful potions, weapons, unique dragons, and deadly fire breaths.

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What is the Story?

In fairy tale lands where everything seems bright and happy, it always looks like everything goes perfectly and everyone is angelic. But no matter how contrary to this, all the evil characters in all the stories always come from there. We have always been witnessing the battle between good and evil. And if villains kidnap a princess in the story, someone will surely save her.

In Dragon Hills, you will be the hero who will do this. You will become a majestic, powerful, agile, and dangerous Dragon. You will destroy, overthrow, kill everything in your way and be unstoppable. You will not only be a flying dragon but also can go underground. You will be the savior of the princess by passing all the villages and overcoming the enemies. Those who had come to the castle before you had just stolen the gold, and no one dared to save the princess.

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After you save the princess from the tower in Dragon Hills, you will start your adventure. Along the horizontal mountains, you will pass many villages and enemies and advance by destroying everything. You will have to dodge obstacles like rivers and lavas while crashing everything in front of you. To protect yourself, you will go underground and sometimes use tunnels. You will press and hold the screen to dig deep and then release it to leap from the ground.

The more you hold, the deeper you go and jump higher. You will pass through houses, enemy soldiers, and many obstacles, but there will be traps such as lethal cutters and spear soldiers. If you cannot escape them, you will be defeated. Therefore, you must be careful and vigilant and improve your reflexes to make a quick reaction. As you progress, you will try to increase the distance you can go every time and challenge yourself by breaking your record.

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Purchase Potions

When you manage to reach the end of the level you are in Dragon Hills, you will face the boss. This part will be the most challenging, and you should never give up. Even if the dragon is one of the most vigorous heroes, it is not unbeatable. You can even die in the lav without any enemy. The boss will set traps and swing an ax at you on the animal. If you manage to beat him, you will unlock the next level. But the addition to your gameplay and skills, you can get some help with positions and weapons.

I can start with the Revive one to explain the potions. It will increase your chances of winning by giving you an extra life. Money Magnet will collect all the nearby coins easily. Extra Life will be randomly seen on the battlefield. Coin Bomb will turn all the obstacles into coins when you use it. You can purchase and also upgrade them to use more. These potions will be your savior before you reach the finish line or if you get stuck in an obstacle on your way to earning your record score.

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Equip Strong Weapons

The next thing you will do in Dragon Hills is to strengthen your weapons. You can purchase a sword and upgrade it to hit stronger. When you buy freeze blast, you will increase your chance of getting it in the battle. Comet shower will help you for defeated large enemy groups at once. And, of course, you will unlock even more deadly and powerful dragons.

My favorite one is the king of fire, which has a fire breath felt like hell. When the princess equips her sword and helps you and uses potions and other features, you will go to the end without being defeated on all levels and have a lot of fun. Dragon Hills has quality and vivid graphics, realistic and impressive gameplay, and never-ending action. You will enter an indispensable and addictive experience. The game will be your favorite activity on your Android device, and you will spend your hours full of joy.

Money Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Dragon Hills mod apk file, you will have unlimited money in the game. This way, you can purchase all the new dragons, weapons, and potions and make the upgrades. You can compete with the maximum performance even in the first levels and complete the journey successfully each time.